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Daniel Jacob Radcliffe (born on July 23, 1989) is a British actor, best known for the role as Harry Potter in the Harry Potter Movies. He's also been in What if and the movie, Horns. Daniel was born in Fulham, London. He attended the City of London School, an Independent Day School For Boys (10-18). Feeling acting was his passion he went on-wards and became a success on all he endeavored. From stage, to television to motion pictures Daniel Radcliffe shines in every role he's played.
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    Current Projects
    Victor Frankenstein (2015)
    as Igor
    Igor, has lived in the circus when he is rescued by Victor Von Frankenstein. Together their friendship evolves one helping another from going over the edge.
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  • Horns (2014)
    as Ignatius Perrish
    Ignatius Perrish, a 26-year-old who awakens from a black-out hangover to find horns sprouting from his head. As his horns grow bigger, Ig sets out to investigate the unsolved murder of his girlfriend and the case’s connection to his cursed fate.
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  • What If (2014)
    as Wallace
    A story of a young man (Wallace) and woman (Chantry) who struggle to navigate their friendship, which has developed a deep romantic undercurrent.
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    Posted on Jan,282015
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    Kill Your Darlings, Movies


    Q: In late October of last year it was revealed that Blackalicious had a huge celebrity fan when Daniel Radcliffe, a.k.a. Harry Potter, went on Jimmy Fallon and rapped one of your best known songs, Alphabet Aerobics (www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKdV5FvXLuI). That must have been something of a shock.

    A: It was! I thought he did a great job. It took a moment before it sank in that I had watched him in those movies, and that he knew our music to the extent that he could go on television in front of millions of viewers and pull it off. That was incredible.

    Q: I imagine very helpful for you as well.

    A: You can’t pay for that kind of publicity. That song went from just under a million downloads to something like seven million. So, shout out to Daniel Radcliffe!


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    Posted on Jan,272015
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    Dan News


    It’s been 9 years since the site opened on January 23, 2006. After the run of Harry Potter our site needed a name changed from Sparkling Illusions to Simply Daniel Radcliffe, in December of 2010 that name became effective. It’s been a wondrous journey keeping fans up to date with Daniel’s career. I’ve met and talked to quite a bit of you and some of you became my extended family. Which I am grateful to have in my life. Not only has Dan kept me busy when promoting films and the like. But he’s been a positive force in my life. Just like I hear from many of you out there that have shared their stories and lives with me. I wanna thank you all for keeping this site interesting and for making it your go to source for Dan news. <3

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    Posted on Jan,232015
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    Site News


    Fandango has released the first cast photo for Now You See Me: The Second Act which is being filmed in London.


    Talk about some serious movie magic – look what happened during our amazing visit to the set of Now You See Me 2 – we made the all-star cast appear for this Fandango exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek.

    Now You See Me 2 features returning cast members Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Michael Caine and newcomers Lizzy Caplan and Daniel Radcliffe (who has a magical pedigree of his own).

    Don’t miss Now You See Me 2 when it appears in theaters on June 10, 2016.

    Source: Fandango

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    Posted on Jan,162015
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    Dan News, Movies, Now You See Me 2


    Spear’s Wealth Magazine sent us an article regarding Daniel’s Net Worth.

    Only child of Alan George Radcliffe and Marcia Jeannine Gresham, both actors during their childhood, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe was born in Fulham on July 23, 1989.

    Radcliffe’s love for acting came to the fore when he was five. His childlike passion convinced his mum to allow him to play David Copperfield in the BBC TV adaptation, a role which impressed director Chris Columbus to cast him as Harry Potter for his next grand franchise. J.K. Rowling remarked that Columbus “couldn’t have found a better Harry”.

    Earlier Jamie Lee Curtis who played Radcliffe’s mum in The Tailor of Panama (2001) had predicted that he would be perfect for Harry Potter.

    For Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001), little Radcliffe was paid $1,000,000 (imdb.com), with the movie grossing $974 million.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Salary: $3,000,000) became second highest-grossing film of 2002.

    Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) earned only $795 million; the lowest grosser of the series.

    Read More of the article on the source link below.


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    Posted on Jan,162015
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    Dan News


    Our new layout is up, featuring Daniel Radcliffe with a background I had from a location from Frankenstein, Dunnottar Castle. I also colorized a photo for the bottom with a rose and notepad. You can view the colorization here. Also view the full background for the layout here.

    Thanks to one of our referred sites, KittyKissBliss. They posted some stuff we missed: Josh “Happy Sad Confused” with Daniel Radcliffe on Soundcloud and a video on youtube from What if.

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    Posted on Jan,102015
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    Site News


    Controversial actor and writer Sacha Baron Cohen recruited six women weighing more than 20 stone for his upcoming Grimsby film, it has been revealed.

    In an article printed in today’s Sunday Times, film extra Maurice Maree, explained that there would be scenes of ‘binge-eating, copious vomiting and naked wobbling across a football pitch’ and said that: “The gang of supporters from Grimsby are all enormous and revolting.”

    Grimsby, which is due for release in cinemas this summer, reportedly includes cameos from Hollywood A listers Penelope Cruz and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

    Grimsby, sees Cohen play football hooligan who leads a group of fellow fans to watch England in Chile.

    While there he encounters his brother, a British spy on the run.

    Also Dan’s double, Filippo Delaunay who was in Frankenstein is also connected as his double in this film directed by the same director from “Now You See Me: The Second Act ” Louis Leterrier.

    Source: grimsbytelegraph.co.uk

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    Posted on Jan,052015
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    Dan News, Rumored Projects


    Sending out a special thank you to the following places and people who sent us info this year and giving us the opportunity to give stuff away to our fans. Thank you so very much.

    teamcoco.com: Conan
    spokeagency.com – The F Word Toronto Tickets
    viacommix.com – The Trail Blazers
    Randy Jernigan: Daniel Fan Book article
    IBJ.com/arts – The Cripple of Inishmaan
    World Film Locations: Toronto Sick Kids Foundation
    John Blake Publishing: Daniel Radcliffe The Biography
    The PropStore: The Woman in Black Auction
    The Magic Circle: Nick Hilton
    watsondg.com: What if Promotion
    uinterview.com: What if Comedy and Why hes like his character
    whalerockindustries.com : Too boring for the Paparazzi
    thinkjam.com: Horns

    Also sending out a special thank you to the fans who have helped with content and their donations to the site. Thank you for all that you do and send it. It is much appreciated.

    You can find our book reviews and publicity list at the following link: SDR Publicity

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    Posted on Dec,282014
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