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Harry Potter’s star playing beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Radcliffe introduces to La Freccia the first work of John Krokidas, Giovani Ribelli (Kill Your Darlings), awarded in Venice and in theatres October 17th.

He is without question the star of Giovani Ribelli – Kill Your Darlings, debut as a director for John Krokidas. Which, thanks to its creativity in the script and the brilliant actors’ performances, received the Giornate Degli Autori – Venice Days award at the 70th Venice Film Festival.
Former child prodigy Daniel Radcliffe, born in 1989, portraits beat poet Allen Ginsberg. And in this challenge he proves that he actually is a rebel : after a past as Harry Potter in the franchise, he leaves blockbusters behind, determined to experiment others and innovative places, not only in movies. It is not by chance, in fact, that he has finished not long ago the thetrical piece The Cripple of Inishmaan, by Martin McDougall, at the Noel Coward Theatre in London.

Let’s talk about theatre. Your last play was a success. In what would you like to star?
I would like to star in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, perhaps together with Dane DeHaan. And then, without a doubt, I would like to play something new, never done before.

Between the contemporaries, would you be interested in something by the much discussed Sarah Kane?
Weird that you area asking me that, anyway I’m not seeing her as something for me. It would be interesting, though, doing something by Stoppard.

No Shakespeare?
It would be awesome, but the idea intimidates me a lot as every great British actor has done it.

Let’s move on, to the cinema. You are British, and the UK has as an industry alive and vibrant. With which British director would you like to work?
I’m in the cast of James Watkins’ next movie – he had already directed me in The Woman In Black. It would be nice to work in a Joe Cornish project as well, I’ve really appreciated his Attack the Block – Alien Invasion. I am also attracted by Christopher Nolan’s movies, and I would like to know Mike Leigh’s creative process.

You have been in Venice to promote Giovani Ribelli – Kill Your Darlings. What made you accept this role?
I wanted it at all costs. After meeting the director, John Krokidas, and having done my screen test, we spoke about the movie for a long time, and the right alchemy was created between us. I really wanted to play a different character from everything I had done before. I felt that if managed that, there could have been a great result.

In the movie, you are playing Allen Ginsberg. Did you know the Beat Generation poets?
I had read Posto Nudo by Borroughs and On the Road by Kerouak, but I didn’t know Ginsberg very well. After preparing for the movie by studying his life, I’ve better understood his poetry, powerful, complex, effective. Howl makes you keep reading, also because, as I knew, the author thought that it would have been his last work, convinced he wouldn’t have been able to write anymore.

How was it working with a first time film maker?
John Krokidas is one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with. He made me express some emotions I though I wouldn’t be able to portray. And he thought me techniques and instruments to reach a more mature level in my work.

It seems weird to hear similar words from an actor who has already topped the Box Office with Harry Potter …
When I say I wasn’t successful with Harry Potter, I mean that I didn’t give the performance I wanted.

Really a young rebel …
The fact is that I want to play completely different roles. Every great actor I know has the gift of versatility. And that is exactly what I want to reach in my career.