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Capital FM

Dan was recently on Capital FM and they interviewed him on relationship advice, rating fan fiction and Dan and Roman get roasted. I put the fan fiction one on a page because the stories...

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PictureHouse Central

Monday was the Q and A for Swiss Army Man n London so here’s the video also there were several pictures as well so those will be posted below. MOVIES > Swiss Army Man...

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Imperium Press Junket Part 2

BBC Radio 1 Movies & Megastars, you cann see the full interview on BBC Iplayer. You can view a clip below. Daniel Radcliffe prefers playing a farting corpse to doing Hollywood blockbusters you can...

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Radio X Interview

DANIEL RADCLIFFE HAS SHARED ONE OF HIS MOST EMBARRASSING CELEBRITY STORIES Being a celebrity must be great fun; you get to travel the world, meet loads of interesting people and have a lot of...

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New video about Jungle

Yossi Ghinsberg posted two new videos with behind the scenes info on Jungle. You can view the first one down below and also view the other blog post for more.

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Good Morning Britain

Dan was on Good Morning Britain this morning. I’ve added pictures and video down below. You can read the article via the source url down below as well. INTERVIEWS > 2016 > Good Morning...