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Daniel Radcliffe Would Like You to Stop Asking Him About Rap, Please

Daniel Radcliffe has made it clear his Harry Potter days are in the past, but his quidditch skills have come surprisingly in handy in his new role as an American drug mule, who spends almost all of his time in Jesper Ganslandt’s new film, Beast of Burden, hidden away inside a cockpit, on a mission to deliver cocaine across the U.S.-Mexico border to save his wife, played by Grace Gummer.

Instead of perching on a broomstick atop a pole in front of green screen and a wind machine, though, this time, Radcliffe, now 28, simply holed up in a fake cockpit in Savannah, Georgia—a much more comfortable experience, even if he was stuck in there for eight days straight. Safely back home in London, ahead of the film’s release next Friday, he talked everything from shooting with Ganslandt to systemic sexism to the 2014 rap session that’s still haunting him in his culture diet.

Drug smuggling is a pretty bold subject. What drew you to this role?

I guess I didn’t think of it as being a movie about drug smuggling—it kind of seemed incidental to me. It was more this kind of fun, very straight line story, literally about taking a guy from A to B and seeing how much awfulness we can throw at him in between. And I did a bit of research into the interesting way Jesper Ganslandt, the director, works, which seemed like it’d continue with this one, since I’m in the plane for so long, and it did. I had earpieces in and he was directing me live, saying, like, This person’s calling, and now this person’s calling, and now we’re going back to that one… We ended up doing huge chunks of scenes at one time, like half-hour long takes. It was the most like doing a play I’ve ever done on camera, just because you were able to go for so long and cover so much of the story in one hit. I really loved working with him. And I’m definitely an expert in fake-flying a plane now.

Do you have any experience with actually flying a plane? Did you try to study up?

I did—I took two lessons, just so that I had some sense of what it was like and how much you needed to move things to make things happen, so I wasn’t looking like I was trying to race a go-kart when I was trying to fly a plane. So, yes: I flew a plane for 15 minutes. My first lesson, they just gave me the controls, and it was terrifying. It did not feel like a thing that should have happened.

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First clip from Beast of Burden

Judi Dench, Julie Walters and Ian McKellen among Old Vic anniversary ambassadors

Dame Judi Dench, Dame Julie Walters, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Ben Kingsley are among the actors who have been named bicentenary ambassadors of The Old Vic ahead of the theatre’s 200th birthday.

The ambassadors will curate monologues, share their reflections on the theatre and attend special events to celebrate the anniversary.

Dame Judi, Ralph Fiennes, Glenda Jackson and Daniel Radcliffe are among the stars who will share birthday messages to the theatre during the week of the anniversary in May. Other famous faces who will serve as ambassadors include Dame Eileen Atkins, Hugh Bonneville, Dominic West and Oscar nominee Lesley Manville.


Beast of Burden on Blu-Ray and DVD

Beast of Burden out April 3 on Blu-Ray and DVD according to Amazon.

The skies over the border of the United States and Mexico can be as dangerous and unforgiving as the desert below. Sean Haggerty (Daniel Radcliffe) has flown a route between the two countries many times with a secret cargo of heroin for a Mexican cartel. But tonight Sean isn’t just a drug mule – he’s a DEA informant with a stolen cartel laptop. Sean knows that his survival depends on sticking to his plan. FLY his plane. DROP his cargo. LAND his plane. RUN home to his wife. One more flight and the DEA gets what they want – a roadmap to take down the biggest cartel in Mexico. One more flight and Sean gets what he wants – witness protection and lifesaving surgery for his ailing wife. FLY. DROP. LAND. RUN. His plan is sound… until it isn’t. Sean’s wife, Jen,(Grace Gummer) is kidnapped by the cartel and the only way she makes it through the night is if Sean ditches his deal with the DEA. He’s forced to fight for his life, and Jen’s, all from the cockpit of his plane.

Beast of Burden is coming to Select Theaters, On Demand and Digital HD February 23

This American Life

On This American Life Daniel Radcliffe reads a short story by Simon Rich called The Present from Simon’s book of short stories “The Last Girlfriend on Earth.”

Listen down below

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San Diego Jewish Film Festival

The San Diego Jewish Film Festival opens Feb. 8 with a documentary on Sammy Davis, Jr., “I’ve Gotta Be Me” and closes with Greg McLean’s “Jungle,” about the true story of a young Israeli man’s adventure in the Bolivian jungle.

For the 28th year the San Diego Jewish Film Festival once again assembles a diverse array of features, documentaries and shorts for viewers to choose from.

One of the best things about the festival is the emphasis it places on putting films into a context and bringing people and filmmakers to screenings to provide that context.

For the festival’s closing night film, “Jungle,” Australian filmmaker McLean will be on hand to discuss how a horror director known as part of the “splat pack” had his new film selected for the San Diego Jewish Film Festival.

He confessed, “It’s not an obvious match.”

But the film is based on the true story of a young Israeli man named Yossef Ghinsberg who survived 19 days on his own in a South American jungle. “Harry Potter’s” Daniel Radcliffe takes on the role and put himself through quite an ordeal to shoot the film.

McLean, as he did in his first film “Wolf Creek,” turns nature and environment into a character. In “Wolf Creek” the vast emptiness of the Australia outback provides one layer of terror in the film. In “Jungle,” the setting provides different challenges and is densely cluttered with all forms of life, some dangerous. The noise of the jungle at night almost drives Ghinsberg crazy.

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Herefordshire’s St Michael’s Hospice

Daniel Radcliffe has posted a video on social media thanking a Hereford hospice for its work. He said he was expressing his gratitude on behalf of himself and a friend, whose grandmother was being cared for by St Michael’s Hospice in Bartestree. Speaking to camera, the star told staff: “What you do is amazing and vital and incredibly hard, and I could not do your job in a million years.”

Esquire Middle East

New Photoshoot for Esquire Middle East now see the interview and new photos

Daniel Radcliffe wants to direct

Daniel Radcliffe – 28 – has accomplished more than most actors twice his age. But now he’s ready to branch outperforming in films and move on to directing. Speaking exclusively to Esquire Middle East, Radcliff admitted that he is dabbling in script-writing, but his end game is to direct.

“I’m working on scripts at the moment as I want to get into directing.”

“I don’t want somebody else to give me their script and me to mess it up, as it’s my first job; whereas if I mess up my own work I’ll feel less guilty about that.”

It there is one thing Radcliffe need not feel guilty about, however, it’s working with other people’s scripts. Since becoming a child star after being cast as the bespectacled Harry Potter, Radcliffe has reportedly earned more than AED395 million.

“I was incredibly lucky to fall into a career, and a role, where I got paid very well. I’m almost embarrassed by it, I don’t drive really so the flash car thing never happened for me. The real thing money does for me is let me not have to worry about it, which is such a massive thing for people in their lives.”

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New Photos from Beast of Burden

Dan has posted new photos from Beast of Burden on his google Plus. You can view them down below.

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