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Simply Daniel RadcliffeWelcome to Simply Daniel Radcliffe, your ultimate fansource for all things Daniel Radcliffe. Here you will find the latest news, images, videos, and much more on Dan. We are home to the largest gallery in the whole worldwide web with over 86,000 pictures including photoshoots, performances and different types of events. We hope you enjoy the site and come back soon for more on Daniel Radcliffe.

Top British acting stars, including Dame Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, David Oyelowo, Sir Ian McKellen, Naomie Harris, Daniel Radcliffe and James Corden have taken part in a new campaign video defending the BBC against cuts.

The actors have joined forces with directors Richard Curtis, Tom Cooper and Danny Boyle in talking about the Corporation and how it has inspired them over the years. The video is released under the banner “Don’t let the BBC become a memory. Fight for it”.

Radcliffe thanks the BBC for his first TV role in period drama David Copperfield. “I got to work on the first job I did with Bob Hoskins, Maggie Smith, Ian McNiece, Imelda Staunton, Paul Whitehouse, Emilia Fox, it just goes on and on.”


Last year we seen outtakes of Dan in a photo shoot with The Untitled Project and photographer Dennis Golonka. Well the magazine is now out with 7 photos from that photo shoot and an article with Dan’s career choices, talks about Swiss Army Man in working in California and Victor Frankenstein. And a few more personal tidbits on himself. You can buy either the digital version or the hard copy though those are more pricey than the digital version. You can buy yours at

Volume 8- Featuring The Art project with: Matthew Jensen, Yelena Yemchuk, Lucas Foglia, Luis Venegas, Tim Barber & Paul P. The Art feature project with: Jock Sturges: the Naturalist project with: Daniel Radcliffe, Dustin Lance Black, Sarah Paulson, Cody Simpson, Tham & Videgård, Cory Michael smith, India Salvor Menuez, Peter vack, Venetia scott, Johan Svensson, Sam Claflin The Fashion project with: Carson Meyer, Maisie Kennett, Marcel Castenmiller, Jacob Morton, Heather marks, EMIEL & Tali Lennox with photography by: Malerie Marder, Tim Richmond, Dennis Golonka, Ben Lamberty, Alex Straulino,Christophe Kutner & Yann Faucher & The Last project remembering David Armstrong & Mary Ellen Mark.


There’s been mixed reviews on the movie Swiss Army Man since it premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. What’s my take on the movie, having heard all these reviews? For one I am open minded I love the strange and unusual.Radcliffe has definitely not made any bad movies as far as I am concerned. Its an adventure to see an actor do a variety of stuff rather than mainstream bio pics all the time. I am very curious to watch this one. But these are my views. Hopefully when it comes out via theater or Blu-Ray I can give you a review till then I can’t wait to see it.

We have loads of images from Sundance you can view all of it down below or just login to the gallery and take a look.

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There’s been a lot of media in the past 2 days and thanks to a whole lot of sources I have loads for you to see like mixed reviews, pictures and video. So let’s begin with our first video. This will probably stretch another post with photos and articles so here’s our video post. Please continue to view the rest of the videos by clicking on the continue reading button below.

Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano talk kissing in ‘Swiss Army Man’ at Sundance Film Festival 2016

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Many young actors become Frankenstein. I’ve had my murky time

Translated via Google

He seemed destined to be another broken toy. Another child star multimillion unable to digest success. But no. After spending a decade gotten into the skin of Harry Potter, amassing a fortune of over 80 million euros and take refuge in alcohol to cope with the pressures of fame, Daniel Radcliffe has survived.

Daniel Radcliffe is a gentle and close type.

Do not shy away from any question, but it shows he has learned to avoid getting into some puddles. Like the time he spoke of his problems with alcohol. Mention openly in the London hotel hosting XLSemanal, but emphasizes the consequences of talking too much, to come clean over the account, at the risk that her words are taken out of context. And it shows that it contains. It’s the price you pay to grow a film set and maturity exhibited to the public in one of the most famous sagas of the big screen: Harry Potter, of course. But despite the bad times, he breaks with the idea of ​​the little spoiled and become a troubled adult. He laughs often and fast speech. Many phrases are in the air, unfinished. And only in some issues-fame, drink …- stops a moment before speaking. In some ways seems to convey a message: the actors, very famous and rich as they are, they are normal people. At 26, Radcliffe projects the idea of ​​love with his job and resigned to not control the opinion that the public has of the actor. In his new job, Victor Frankenstein [premiere: March 31], plays Igor Strausman, faithful assistant Dr. imagined by Mary Shelley.

XLSemanal. Is there much Frankenstein among actors?

Daniel Radcliffe. Insurance. Many end up as little Frankenstein [laughs]. There are very strong individuals who, when they interpret a dark character, people become dark. And there are, of course, many who do not behave well and become little monsters, but they are fewer than you might think. There is the impression that most of the actors behave badly most of the time and although many stories are heard, never seen a truly monstrous behavior in any actor.

XL. You also had a troubled time …

D.R. Yes, I’ve been bad times … Luckily, I had great parents and a wonderful people around me. I’m lucky.

XL. His father was a literary agent and her mother, representative …

D.R. Yes. During the years of Harry Potter he was instrumental in having parents who knew the industry and could help me understand. The fact that my parents they had much literary background was helpful because I’ve always grown up surrounded by books. All this has greatly influenced my choices as an actor.

XL. In what sense?

D.R. My father, as an agent, always looking for young authors, liked to give people opportunities. And somehow, I always tried to choose new, to find voices that things had not heard before. Not that all the films I make are breakthrough. Victor Frankenstein is a commercial film from a major studio, yes, but has some very interesting ideas about technology progress and our place about him.

XL. But it was not a horror film?

D.R. Apply that label can be misleading. It has elements of the genre, but it is an adventure film that is guided by the nature of their characters. Try these two types during the Industrial Revolution in England, where many new technologies that inspire them to make shiny things are appearing. Somehow, Igor becomes aware of Victor.

XL. Does your conscience?

D.R. Yes, because, as he becomes unconscious, Igor withholds and prevents it from crossing the edge of madness.

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