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Colorizing Dan


So I said I would have this for you today, took me a while to write it and rather than making it a tutorial. I thought I would make it more of guide. So the people who are interested you can just read the pdf. I created on it. I also wanted to point out which image was downloaded 35,000 times which I did not list in the PDF. This was an earlier version so its not the best but I was amazed it was downloaded that many times.

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Isn’t it coincidental that Dan posted things on Horns and I was releasing our Horns Project today? I put a text file in the the zip file for you can read the explanation of everything i did, some of the sources and the feedback I received on the pieces I did. Most enjoyed the treehouse of the mind and the bathroom pic. Which I thought the bathroom one was really awkward but I am glad you loved them and it was a pleasure making these for the fans of SDR. The password you will be able to find on our google plus. Please do not modify any of the artwork. Thank you.


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Marcie Lucas

The Cripple of Inishmaan and much more


New pics have arised thanks to, those can be viewed via flickr under our favorites. Also new pics from the December Boys by Lisa Tomasetti. I also created one new Wallpaper featuring the December Boys. I was doing a bit of research since reading the book and seeing the movie I had came across an interview with Teresa Palmer, regarding the character Maps. You can also read two articles in the SDR News Center on the Cripple of Inishmaan.

After you break his heart, Maps runs off and becomes a priest. Do you think that’s because Lucy is the best he’s ever going to have? Or do you think you scared him so completely, his only other recourse was to take up a life of celibacy?

Teresa Palmer: Maybe the sexual experience was so horrific, he never wants to get laid again. And he wants to become a priest. I actually don’t know. You’d have to ask the director about the reason he became a priest. He was actually meant to become a soldier and die in the war. I don’t know where they kind of changed that up. I certainly hope it’s not because of the sexual experience they had together. I think it’s so beautiful.

Him being a soldier, did that come from the book? I understand that you’re not even in the book? I’ve never seen this book

Teresa Palmer: Nor have I. I’m not sure I should go on the record saying that. But from what I heard, Lucy is not in the book. I haven’t read it. But from the first script, I remember he always died in the war. Last night was the first time I’d heard that he was a priest. I was watching a different cut of the film. The final cut. And I was like, “What? He became a priest? Oh, my God!”

So, you didn’t even know that they changed it until you saw the film?

Teresa Palmer: Neither did Dan. He was completely caught off guard in an interview today as well. He was like, “When did I become a priest? I don’t know!” I’m really going to have ask Rod Hardy (the director) that. I’d be interested to know.

Source: MovieWeb

SDR Special Projects

And SDR gets a special projects section. I’ve done several projects for the site which include the Woman in Black, Kill Your Darlings and The F Word. Now I just completed a montage of the projects Dan did for 2013. This took several days and each piece was put together in some cases it was detailed and you will see what I mean once you see what I made but I hope you enjoy these. I ask that you do not overwrite anything i made and please credit when ever possible this was hard work.

You can view the special projects page here: SDR Special Projects


Preview for upcoming project

I started working on something a little different and while I can’t really show you what it is yet some of my dear close friends actually love it. I created this based on an idea that a very close friend of mine has in her room and while its not exactly what she has this is my version for the project. I am gonna work more of it cause it need finishing touches and one more piece added to it. But hopefully it will be finished by today or tomorrow. Here’s a preview of part of the piece that goes to it.


New Colored Icon Set

These were all colorized by me (Marcie). You can use them for whatever you want. Forum or etc.  Enjoy!

I am currently working on a project or rather two. One’s gonna be harder than the other, but you know how I like to push myself on stuff. So that should come soon hopefully by the end of the week.

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New scans and New Artwork

We got new scans thanks to Talis and Paola, for sending us scans from Bravo Por Ti and Notas Para tì. Thank you two very much for them. I’ve been working on some new artwork. One new edit and one wallpaper I didn’t quite like.

in dreams hell

Happy Valentine’s Day

I wanna wish all the Dan Rad fans a very Happy Valentine’e Day. I put two treats together for you in our google plus. With my injured fingers I couldn’t do much but I hope you love them. Full-sized graphics are in our google plus.

~ Marcie <31a 2a

New Stuff

There’s tons of stuff i probably should add, but I am just too tired and about to get some rest. But before I do I just wanted to say check our google plus, facebook page and tumblr. I created a new piece of art, thought you might like this. Will release the full size very soon.


A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Made two wallpapers for A Young Doctor’s Notebook. You can see the full wallpapers in the gallery.



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