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Big Fan Fiction Update

So I’ve been writing lately and rarely posting it online so today I went ahead and added a few new ones I’ve been writing. I have a bit more to add so not all of them are there yet but I will be adding those tomorrow.

Here’s what I’ve added Alaska, Iris and Dan, Cara Lansing, Ambrose Headley, Erebus, Wallace, The Greatest Love, Milena and Walter, Look to the stars, The Lost Chapter to The Last Dance Part 2: Rupert Jacob Radcliffe

Tomorrow will be adding: First Kiss, The Ice Storm, In Time of Need, Strange Days at End’s Road, The Game and Wellington Pier

Halloween Contest

We’re having a Halloween contest all you have to do is write a horror story or something with a Halloween theme and we will feature it and make a graphic or wallpaper for it. I will also be writing my own and share it come Halloween.

In our fan fiction section we now have a place where you don’t have to write a full story only summaries for one. Also since we are doing holiday themed writing. We now have a section for that as well so be on the look out for more entertaining stories from us and also please join us. A lot of our readers would love to read what you can create.

I have also went ahead and edited some of the stories to the ones that only had a summary and nothing more.

Latest Updates

We got some new stuff for you today. Found some more of those photos of Dan’s adventure on the Swiss Army Man Press Tour Bus. Thanks to Dan’s IMDB page. Also I know lately I haven’t been writing but I really have just haven’t posted any of it online. So I updated a few stories on the fan fiction archive. I even wrote some new ones, but those are not yet posted. And new video from Behind the Scenes of Swiss Army Man.

New pics, scans and loads more

I’ve been adding a lot of stuff, though I haven’t really made a post about it. We have loads of photos and scans from magazines. Magazines such as Cine Premiere, SFX, F***, Best Movie and Total Film. I also added an old article from The Stage which featured Dan in the top 100 during the Cripple of Inishmaan. Videos have been added to our third playlist.

Since Fan Fiction is mostly what our site is known for James and Dan talked about what they have seen. As I am attempting to write my first ever slash, you can read it here. It’s called Faux Pas. On recommended reading I came across one I really loved. So if you’re a RADAVOY fan I recommend this one called Just a little crush by parapraxis

At Midnight

I got this question off our Fan Fiction section that was submitted to me and I’d like to answer it here. The question was: “Hi, just wondering if you happened to see Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan acting out your story “kidnapped” on “At Midnight” on Wednesday and, if so, what you thought of it?”

My reply- “Yes I have seen it and at first viewing it I didn’t think anything of it. When the dialog was said I was like wait a minute why does this sound familiar? After viewing it I went back to one of my stories that I had written called, “Kidnapped”. And was totally shocked, I was never contacted from the show if they could use my writing. When my stories appeared on Graham Norton I was contacted and I gave them permission to use whatever they wanted to show Daniel. But I had no knowledge of it from this one. I don’t know why things I write are being put on television. But I actually liked that they had fun with it. Seeing Dane DeHaan act it out with Aubrey was like a dream come true, because when I write these stories I view them in a movie format. I see the characters in my head and their emotions. I could tell Dane wanted to laugh after the last bit. It put a smile on my face to see that he had the courage to do something crazy that I wrote. He’s got one up on Daniel. Seeing my writing out there does not make me angry and it doesn’t hurt my feelings because I can laugh at it too.”

Gallery, no easy task…..

I’ve been renovating the gallery since last week, as I work on week 2. I cannot tell you how many pics we were missing because of the crash I lost count. I’ve been keeping a detailed notebook and with that i can actually tell you how much we lost but things are gonna slow day a bit I took on some extra tasks and between doing that the gallery and communicating with dear friends. I have a bit to do.

So as I get down to the end, I only wanna say thank you all for being patient. I know you love the site and the gallery especially. And thanks to those that have been reading our fan fiction. There was one recent feedback I got and I loved the comment thanks to whoever wrote it. After writing 66 stories you kinda lose focus on what to call your characters other than their actual name. I always seem to have a problem with that. Movie fan fiction is different than writing what became to be known as Daniel Radcliffe’s Fan fiction site. Wasn’t really him I was basing it on. It was like Dan was the character. I couldn’t see him with any other name. If figments of my dreams and ideas became loved by others. Thank you, your feedback is appreciated.

Oh and check out Dan’s google plus he left us a few photos of his latest photo shoot. Thank you Dan… <3

Fan Fiction

Ever since the start of the Graham Norton fan fiction posted on our site, it has caused a lot of people to start writing. When we started out, the writings were not in any way referring to the real Dan Radcliffe, but a figment of dreams or situations we created. Some have been saying that they would like to read more on what Graham started so if anyone is interested. We’re gonna give you a chance to add to it whoever is interested. Someone unknown has made a cover for the story already. I removed it, cause it was in the comments and thought I would make it visible to everyone. Credit for the image that was created goes to the penname: Mom.

If interested write a one paragraph intro and if chosen, I will send you info that you will need to know. You can contact me at:

New Scans and Pics

I’ve added several new scans and pics, first off I hope you all had a very good Christmas. I created two Woman in Black Wallpapers which you can view in our fanart section. I’m also currently writing a new story called Eternity and have a new one coming soon called London Nights based on three friends who go their different ways but face the consequences of their past deeds. I haven’t written it yet but it will be my new story for 2012.

Total Film Portugal Junho 2011
SFX Special Collection #53 – Paranormal
SFX February 2012
Scream Awards (1)
250 Performance: How to Succeed (2)
New York Musical Theatre Festival 8th Season Awards Gala HQ (9)
12th Annual Make Believe On Broadway Gala (2011) HQ (2)
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (11.23.11) (3)
Gypsy of the Year Competition (2011) (5) HQ and MQ (1)

New Stuff for you

I added a whole lot of pics yesterday of the London Premiere along with new photoshoot pics from USA Weekend and Stewart Siewert Sydney shoot from December Boys you can view all that here. I added more on our facebook page, but too tired to list it all. It’s 5 am and I am going to bed.

I’ve been up since yesterday so I am tired and need sleep. I also updated three stories: The Last Dance, Late Night with Dan Radcliffe and If Looks Could Kill.

New Story

I’ve been writing a new story called Brothers, I made the graphic for it and your probably wondering what’s it about. You can read a preview here. Also check out the intro below and the graphic.

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