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One new outtake has been released via Dean Chalkley from Dan’s Interview with NME.

I’ve done 629 captures for Now You See Me 2. Enjoy!!

3318 screen captures have been added to the gallery for Imperium, Next I will be working on Now you See Me 2

The View comes on August 10 at 10am PST, those on the eastern side can watch at 11am. I posted photos from the show since it was recorded back in July stay tuned for The Imperium Times Talks later today. You can watch it live here:

I recently put on twitter that there were new photos in our gallery well. The photos come from The Untitled Project, there’s 4 new ones out.

We now got the full scans from July’s Vogue issue. I posted several updates via our twitter cause its been a busy summer so the latest articles and videos have been posted there. I will try and list everything on the site very soon. But I am posting this for now.

We got some new stills from Now you See Me 2 and one new one from Imperium. Also updated Kevin Sinclair’s cover photo from his 2014 shoot with Dan and The Cover for The Untitled Project. There’s also a new updated photo from the Woman in Black and some from Potter as well.

I’ve recently updated our Now you see me 2 stills. So there’s one updated and another that is new. Also added new pics from Horns London Premiere, Comic Con 2015, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Fan photos, and the Jungle section.

New screen captures from one of the 7 part documentary clips from Victor Frankenstein. The clips talks about Dan and all the challenging stuff he did in the film.