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New Stills

I recently found a few new stills and posters one still I have uploaded to our Horns Group. The others have been posted in our gallery.

Horns Deleted Scenes

Just added screen captures of the 6 deleted scenes from Horns (French BluRay). The making of will take some time to go through so bear with me on that.

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New Horns Stills

added 4 HQ stills from Horns, you can view those down below. Also a quiz on PopCrush Battle of Hogwarts: Which ‘Harry Potter’ Star Would You Make Out With?

Gallery Link:
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New Horns Pictures

New photos from Horns have emerged from japan.

You can view the articles from the following websites, please note you will have to use a translator to read them:

New Horns photos

We have 8 new photos from Horns. You can view them down below or go to our gallery.

Gallery Link:

Gallery Link:

Japan Horns Official Site

Japan is finally getting Horns. The USA has already received its Blu-Ray featuring the movie and the making of. More information about the Japan release will be coming soon. Also Japan got its What if Poster too.

The F Word and Horns DVD

Information for The FWord DVD and Horns DVD are out. Down below is the following information for them both.

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What if and The F Word DVD’s
USA and Canada | Pre-order via Amazon
Tuesday November 25, 2014
Extras include three deleted scenes, two additional vignettes and making-of featurettes.


USA | Pre-order via Amazon
January 6, 2014
No news yet on extras.

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RTL: Behind the Scenes


Links for the Conan show can be found at the following links below.

Daniel Radcliffe Visited The Harry Potter Museum
Click to view at TeamCoco
Conan suggests that next time, Daniel should freeze in place and scare the crap out of tourists.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Worst Movie Pitch Ever
Click to view at TeamCoco
The pitch involved Emma Watson as a Kansas farm girl, and Daniel as a karate-kicking Cowardly Lion.

Daniel Radcliffe Crashed “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
Click to view at TeamCoco or Youtube
Daniel has been sworn to secrecy, but can confirm he hung out with Harrison Ford on the Millennium Falcon set.

Daniel Radcliffe Accidentally Drank Antifreeze
Click to view at TeamCoco
On the set of “Horns,” Daniel found out the hard way that Canadians mix their trailer water with antifreeze during the winter.

Los Angeles Premiere and Ellen

Yesterday was Ellen you can see clip 2 where Ellen plays a prank on Daniel pretending there is an earthquake. And also on clip 1 dressed as Boba Fett, Dan told Ellen about his history with Halloween. The videos are on a playlist so let them play to see the first clip from Ellen.

Pictures added from The Los Angeles Premiere of Horns. Buzzfeed also did a Would you ever? Q and A

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