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    Scheduled Appearances
    November 11th- James on Live with Kelly & Michael
    November 12th - Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony
    November 12th - Conan
    November 12th - Watch What Happens Live
    November 13th - The Talk
    November 14th- Mexico Premiere
    November 15th - Mexico City special screening
    November 15th - LOS 40 PRINCIPALES México - Video chat with Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy
    November 25th - Victor Frankenstein Premieres
    November 27th - Graham Norton


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    Current Projects
    Trainwreck (2015)
    as Cameo
    Having thought that monogamy was never possible, a commitment-phobic career woman may have to face her fears when she meets a good guy.
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  • Victor Frankenstein (2015)
    as Igor
    Igor, has lived in the circus when he is rescued by Victor Von Frankenstein. Together their friendship evolves one helping another from going over the edge.
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  • Now You See Me 2 (2016)
    as Walter Tressler
    One year after outwitting the FBI and winning the public’s adulation with their mind-bending spectacles, the Four Horsemen resurface in Now You See Me 2 only to find themselves face to face with a new enemy.
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  • GameChanger (2015)
    as Sam Houser
    The court battles between Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Sam Houser and Miami lawyer Jack Thompson, as well as the wider cultural significance of the game.

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    The Woman In Black & The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death Props Coming Up for Auction on January 5th to 16th in 2015.

    The Prop Store is proud to announce an online auction in partnership with Exclusive Media. We have over 100 thrilling original film props from The Woman In Black starring Daniel Radcliffe and the upcoming The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death. Beginning on January 5th, each unique artifact will be available to bid on for one week only. Visit the auction each day for new additions from both feature films at http://www.propstore.com/auction.

    Here’s what they will be auctioning off.

    Preview an all new clip from the Woman in Black: Angel of Death below.

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    Posted on December 3, 2014
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    Movies, The Woman in Black


    New Woman in Black teaser 2. You can preview it below. The movie is said to be released next year, January 30th, 2015.

    Also new clip from Horns, where he asks the priest how to get rid of his Horns and a behind the scenes pic from the set.

    Dale May has released another pic from the Mental Floss shoot he did with Dan you can preview all three at his facebook page.

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    Posted on October 10, 2014
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    Horns, Movies, The Woman in Black


    New Behind the scenes article on the photoshoot Dan did for Mental Floss by Dale May. “We had tons of photos we loved and couldn’t fit in the print edition, so here are a few outtakes from our August 5 photoshoot, a couple of behind the scenes shots, and some more quotes from Radcliffe.


    When it comes to picking his projects, Radcliffe told us that he doesn’t have a checklist or a list of requirements. “Basically, I just want to do original things that feel new and challenging, and obviously I’m looking for something that shows a different side of what I can do,” he said. “It’s really what you respond to, what excites you, because there’s no possibility of predicting correctly whether or not a film will be successful or not. So the only thing you can do is be guided by your own taste and hope that some of them come off.”

    PHOTO SHOOTS > Studio Shoots > 2014 > Dale May

    And 24 new photos from the Woman in Black

    MOVIES > The Woman in Black (2011) > Set > Unknown Date Set

    Read more

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    Posted on September 22, 2014
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    Dan News, Movies, The Woman in Black


    The Woman in Black, Grease, New York Live and The F Word, these are the latest updates for the following topics.

    The Woman in Black: Today Hammer did an exclusive new photos from behind the-scenes at Hammer Horror and it brought back the Woman in Black. With that I also found The Wallpaper in the nursery and who made it. A message to Turkey and an Interview that you might have or might not have seen.

    New York Live: Dan will be on New York Live tomorrow at 12:30pm at NBC 4 New York. So be sure to set your DVR.

    E did an article on Grease choosing celebs they like to see take on the roles and listed Daniel Radcliffe as

    Daniel Radcliffe: The Harry Potter star loves to show off his vocals on Broadway, so we could totally see him taking on this challenge and crushing the role.

    Dan did an interview on an Arabic Channel MBC2, unfortunately its blocked in the USA. But I managed to screen capture a few pics from it. Scoop with Raya if your from the Netherlands then you will have a chance to see it as well as others countries.

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    Posted on April 28, 2014
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    Dan News, F Word, Movies, The Woman in Black


    Here’s the first video for the Woman in Black Q&A

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    Posted on June 9, 2012
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    Movies, The Woman in Black


    Congratulations to the Winners Erica V. for the signed poster and Catrina B. for the DVD.

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    Posted on May 31, 2012
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    Movies, The Woman in Black


    Thanks to Aaron Robinson and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to giveaway 1 signed poster by Daniel Radcliffe and 1 Woman in Black DVD.

    To participate in the contest it will be split into two parts first a creative entry then a informational entry.

    1) Signed Poster Entry: Write a poem about the Woman in Black. The chosen entry will be featured on our site and besides your winning entry you will receive a customized wallpaper made by me with the photo of your choice from the Woman in Black movie along with the signed poster by Daniel Radcliffe.

    2) DVD Entry: “What was the name of The Woman in Black’s son?”

    Email your entries with THE WIB GIVEAWAY as the subject and send to mrs_mlucas@lucashq.com.
    We need you entries by May 30 and only open to US Residents.

    To know more about the Woman in Black you can go to these links below. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your entries.


    If you missed the Q &A videos you can go here and view them, Leave a comment on what your favorite one was. : http://www.facebook.com/TheWomanInBlackMovie/videos

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    Posted on May 24, 2012
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    Movies, Site News, The Woman in Black


    Today was the first Q&A for The Woman in Black before the release of the DVD. Tomorrow there will be another video up you can view the first video here. Also yesterday I posted this on our facebook page. The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala was yesterday which Daniel and Rose Hemingway attended together. I posted about 30 pics from that event.

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    Posted on May 8, 2012
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    Dan News, Movies, The Woman in Black


    Thanks to Alessandra, who sent us the interviews they did in London with Daniel Radcliffe and the director James Watkins for their movie The Woman in Black, in which both of them talked about Harry Potter too.

    Article/videointerview with Daniel Radcliffe

    Daniel Radcliffe send his greetings to Italian fans

    Article/videointerview with the director James Watkins

    James Watkins send his greetings to Italian fans


    You can also view these on youtube:

    (On YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDiMfq73tCQ)

    (on YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9O-x7lPq8oc)

    (on YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30dJLtlWzp4)

    (on YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dV5K4zbLpg)

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    Posted on March 1, 2012
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    Movies, The Woman in Black


    Original Soundtrack Composed by Marco Beltrami

    The Woman In Black is a theatrical phenomenon that has run continuously in London’s West End for twenty-three years and has subsequently become a worldwide hit. This chilling Victorian ghost story based on the bestseller by Susan Hill has been long awaited as a cinema release and stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Ciaran Hinds (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)

    Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a widowed lawyer whose grief has put his career in jeopardy, is sent to a remote village to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased eccentric. But upon his arrival, it soon becomes clear that everyone in the town is keeping a deadly secret. Although the townspeople try to keep Kipps from learning their tragic history, he soon discovers that the house belonging to his client is haunted by the ghost of a woman who is determined to find someone and something she lost… and no one, not even the children, are safe from her vengeance.

    Upon completing undergraduate study at Brown University, Marco Beltrami entered the Yale School of Music. His pursuit of music composition then lead him to Venice for a period of study with the Italian master, Luigi Nono and then finally to Los Angeles to undertake a fellowship with Academy Award-winning composer, Jerry Goldsmith.

    Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, Marco landed Wes Craven’s Scream embarking on what would become the widely successful terror franchise. In his approach to scoring the film, he threw away conventional horror music clichés.

    After Scream, Marco went on to write his critically acclaimed score for Guillermo del Toro’s Mimic, bringing him to the attention of the entire film music industry. This was the first of several collaborations with del Toro, including Hellboy and now Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Marco has been nominated twice for Academy Awards for Best Score. First, for 3:10 to Yuma, his score to 2010 groundbreaking Best Picture, The Hurt Locker, which he co-composed with Buck Sanders.


    1. Tea For Three Plus One
    2. The Woman In Black
    3. Crossing The Causeway
    4. Bills Past Due
    5. Voices In The Mist
    6. Journey North
    7. Cellar Eye
    8. First Death
    9. The Attic Room
    10. The Door Opens
    11. Fireside
    12. You Could Have Saved Him
    13. Crazy Writing
    14. In The Graveyard
    15. Elisabeth’s Vision
    16. Into The Fire
    17. Jennet’s Letters
    18. Race To The Marsh
    19. Rising From The Mud
    20. Summoning The Woman In Black
    21. Reunion
    22. Arthur’s Theme

    REL. DATE: February 6 Digitally, March 2012 CD

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    Posted on February 10, 2012
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    Movies, The Woman in Black

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