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Daniel Radcliffe Shines as the Hunchback Assistant in Victor Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein has endured a huge number of adaptations, with some retellings and movies having very little resemblance to the original story. The newest incarnation of the tale is the recently released film Victor Frankenstein, starring James McAvoy as Victor Frankenstein and Dan as his assistant Igor. This movie is nothing like its predecessors – rather than place the spotlight on the doctor, the focus is on Dan in his role as Igor – and is a fresh addition to the lengthy lineup of Frankenstein films.

Though the older classics, like The Curse of Frankenstein, stay true to many key details in Shelley’s novel, Victor Frankenstein is part of the greater majority that stray drastically from the source material – but is a good thing in this case. Many of Dan’s fans going to see the movie may be unaware of one major change in this rendition: while the focus is planted on Dan’s character, Igor is actually not a character that appears in Mary Shelley’s original novel.

The 1931 movie Frankenstein featured the doctor’s first lab assistant, Fritz. By the time the second and third sequels to the film came along – Son of Frankenstein (1939) and The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) – “Fritz” had fallen by the wayside and the character was referred to as Igor (Ygor) on-screen. Victor Frankenstein is unique in the sense that viewers are getting a whole new viewpoint into the relationship between the doctor and his hunchbacked assistant through the eyes of Igor, making this one of the farthest stretches from the original novel to date.

Bela Lugosi played Igor in the 1939 and 1942 sequels and gave the character a signature style that endured for decades. Dan’s portrayal of Igor takes the audience back to his roots as a worker in a traveling circus, where he met Victor Frankenstein (who was a medical student at the time). The film details how Igor and Victor became confidants and partners in crime, as well as how each changed the other’s attitude towards life and death. Dan does an excellent job giving the audience a better view of how Igor’s dark personality developed as a result of his relationship with Frankenstein. The emotional conflict and inner turmoil that Igor experiences turns him from a detestable occasional character in the franchise to one that deserves greater sympathy and is essential to Frankenstein’s own history.

While the critics and reviews have been rather harsh and the unfortunate holiday weekend opening only pulling in a shoddy $3.4 million, Dan and McAvoy’s performances are anything but subpar. The drama is ever-present, beginning with Igor being violently assaulted by other clowns and Victor rushing in as a mysterious doctor to save the day – and further amplified by gross-out gore and chase scenes with a pious Scotland Yard detective (Andrew Scott) who is routinely trying to arrest Victor. A self taught physician, Igor makes a quick turn around from hunchbacked circus freak to faithful assistant once Victor comes to his aid, and offers in return all he has in loyalty and friendship.

So, how does Victor Frankenstein compare to Mary Shelley’s novel? It actually has more to do with the Frankenstein mythology formed through the series of films than the book that started it all, while also paying homage to many fan-favorite elements from the book and past Frankenstein movies equally. Victor Frankenstein is not a retelling of Shelley’s tale – instead, this film gives Igor a background and takes him from sidekick assistant to a key player in the evolution of Frankenstein himself. Dan brings a depth and dimension to Igor that aren’t present in other Frankenstein movies, and his portrayal of the character makes this film a standout addition to the franchise.

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Book Review: Aty S Behsam -The Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox Book Cover The Autumnal Equinox
Aty S Behsam

Though there is no summary for what this is about, it is a good story.

For years, I have known Aty. But I only known her through her beautiful drawings she drew of Daniel Radcliffe. Her talent captured my eye and I never really knew the story behind the drawings until this year she invited me to become a beta reader for her novel “The Autumnal Equinox” which I had known she was writing but never had any idea of what it was about. Being a Beta Reader for her novel meant a lot to me. And I have to be truthful the first chapters she sent me really left me in tears literally at having a chance to finally see who Michael Sullivan (Daniel Radcliffe) was exactly.

Michael Sullivan, the main character in the book was in many ways a normal teen living his life as any of us would. Chapter by Chapter as you read along you begin to discover the relationship between Michael Sullivan and Anahita Eunice. But as you read it you learn that even though they seem normal something is going on you can’t quite discover until you get furthur along. All the characters in the book, brought the story to life each affecting Michael in one way or another. There were some cute moments in it and ones where you think can this really be happening? There were also times you were scared for the characters just like if you were seeing a movie play in your head. Cause that’s how I pictured it as I read it.

What I loved most in the novel was how the concept of the story was laid out and even though I cannot speak what it is entirely about. I have to admit it really was a different concept. I never read anything like this.

Every section Aty, sent me left me with questions you wonder why did the character do this or what was gonna happen next and it keeps you on your toes wanting to read more and more until the very end when everything seems to fall into place. What makes you love the story, is not only the romance between the two characters but the mystic message behind it all. It was a very good read and I had a lot of fun reading it. I now know what each drawing means and what part she is referring to. Aty’s novel is not published yet, but she is trying her best to get it published. For her being Iranian, she is fully talented not only in art, but in writing as well. She’s given a lot of thought to her book and knows what feelings to bring out in you. The book brings out one strong message, “The Power of Choice”.

Jack and Yani love Harry Potter Book Review

Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter Book Cover Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter
Mary E. Twomey
Comedy/Chick Lit
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

"Best friends Jack and Yani do everything together. After Yani’s thirtieth birthday party, however, she decides to leave town on a spontaneous vacation to visit all the sites of the young adult fiction novels she loves, hoping that when she returns, she’ll have buried the secret flame she has for Jack.

Forced by his friends to go on a road trip to track down Yani, Jack learns a lot about his best friend by reading the novels she’s been obsessed with. From vampire hunting in Forks to searching for wizards in Florida, Jack confronts his greatest fears –that he just might love Harry Potter…and perhaps, Yani.

First off, thanks to Mary for sending me a copy to write this review for you. Below is the book and a picture of the cover.

My Review:

When I first read the description of the book, I thought possibly it might be a book somehow based on Harry Potter. But it wasn’t. The story was at first kinda interesting talking about candy bars and Jack and Yani’s relationship reminded me a lot of what friends should really be. Able to talk to your friends about what ever was on your mind and them not judging you on anything you did. But having fun with it. It was kinda funny too at times because of some of the dialog that Jack and Yani had with their friends was hilarious. I found myself laughing on some of it. Some of the references mentioned actually made the story more enjoyable than i thought. But the relationship between Yani and Jack was heartwarming too. When Yani disappears you can feel Jack’s grief and it made you feel sorry for the character. It made you want to see Yani and Jack end up together. Cause not only did he care, he really missed her.

The book was truly a good story to read and I had fun reading it and would definitely recommend it. If you love anything to read based on love, friendship, candy bars, Harry Potter and Twilight than this book is definitely for you. You can purchase the book through amazon, here’s the link: Jack and Yani love Harry Potter.

And you can also read her series, Saga of the Spheres which is Mary’s fantasy fiction series it was downloaded over 9,000 times in 2012 and is being promoted at Comicons across the globe.

I would like to thank Mary for giving me this book to review for you and I wish her luck and success in her writing. Best Wishes and good luck to you , Mary.

Harry Potter Places Book One Review

Harry Potter Places Travel Guidebooks Book Cover Harry Potter Places Travel Guidebooks
CD Miller

Millions of readers and movie-goers have fallen in love with the locations described in JK Rowling’s books, and the images seen in Harry Potter films. Many of us dream of actually visiting these places. We want to walk in Harry’s footsteps, and experience—first hand—the sights and sounds associated with the places Harry lived. We are true Harry Potter Fans. We are Potterites!

Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks were researched and written by Potterites to help all other Potterites achieve a dream Harry Potter holiday. No other Harry Potter travel guidebooks (or travel websites) provide as much Potterly important information.

Whether simply dreaming of a Potterverse journey, or actually preparing for one, Potterites will thoroughly enjoy the Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks.

My Review

When asked to review this book, I was definitely interested in reading it. So I am gonna be giving you my review on Harry Potter Places Book One: – London and London Side-Along Apparations. This book is in pdf format and about 309 pages long. This book included a wealth of information not only on the Harry Potter filming locations, but a little bit on London and a huge resource of links for every single reference that was mentioned. If your planning a trip to London or the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour at Leavesden this is what you should take with you at all times. I highly recommend it.

Glancing at the first several pages there are several Potter terms used, as well as tips and references to London living. If your from the states like I am you’ll wanna read this. Featured in this book are also features to other attractions and tours around the London area. As you head deeper into it, the filming locations are discussed with pictures a sort of before and after of how it looked before it was filmed and after it was filmed. Each location mentioned has a real interesting mention about what was changed or added to the location for the filming of Harry Potter. In each location times and directions are given on how to get to each place and the duration of how long it will take to get there.

In this guide there are 18 site entries for Potter Places within central London, and 10 site entries for Potter Places in the suburbs of London, 28 sites in all. It very informative and you will be intrigued in reading it. Toward the end of the book the Harry Potter Studio tour is mentioned with detail and the Harry Potter Theme Park in Florida. If your a Potter fan and intend to visit London, I suggest you get this to walk in the steps the actor’s did while filming the movies. You’ll get to relive it again even though the films are done. I hope you liked my review and visit the site I did this review for.

Thanks to CD Miller for sending Book One to me to review for you and visit the site Harry Potter Places.