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Happy New Year

Happy New Year visitors we’ve had a lot of fun this year promoting Jungle, reviewing Yossi Ghinsberg’s book “Jungle” and watching our idol play Yossi. Its been a lot of fun and I also want to thank over contributors cause without you we wouldn’t be able to host such a large gallery. So thank you. And I hope we will have more to share with you in 2018. We got Miracle Workers coming, Beast of Burden and so much more.

New Graphics Project

Here’s the new project I’ve been working on. They are not for download yet, but here are the first samples of my new project for the site.

Bookmarks and Door Hangers

Also received 33 icons 100×100 donated by Daniela you can find them in our icon archive

Changes to our site

I am reworking some of the site and adding content into the pages and removing from our gallery. All signatures, Facebook Covers and Tumblr Headers have been moved to one page under our Multimedia page listed under Social Media Graphics and More. Our Graphic Projects page will also be undergoing a renovation which we now have the following listed: Wallpapers, PDF’s, Media Projects and Operating System Icons for PC and MAC.  There’s also a new project I will be working on I will mention that as soon as I come up with a sample for you to see.  More news soon.

New Changes

As I announced in December things were gonna change in January. Slowly I’ve been deleting, reorganizing and adding things. A lot of you have been asking about the gallery well there’s changes for that too. Every year we ask for help for our server for the people that do help I thank you, but I feel you guys shouldn’t be the only ones helping out here. So to fix that everyone needs to contribute in one way or another. In late January possibly early February there will be no need to register at least for the ones that don’t contribute. I am working on making the gallery public and registered for contributors only. We strive to make our gallery what it is and it is all thanks to our contributors for scans, personal photos they’ve shared with us and their experiences.

Our gallery is also reaching a limit and to think about the future of this is either we remove certain photos or just keep recent events cause working two galleries would not be wise as it will raise server costs and we are not working on a free server like other fan sites do. We pay for everything. Special Magazines, things like programs for video editing and so much more. So if you value what we do all we ask for is your help and understanding.

New Staff

We’re gonna be looking for new staff in January here’s what we are looking for.

Article researcher– For articles in other languages and can translate.

Icon maker– Make 5 icons a month in different sizes.

Animator– Someone that can make animated icons.

Photo researcher – I am mainly looking for someone to help with the photo gallery, which includes capping movies and tv shows in HD, finding photo shoots, magazine articles, public events, etc. Usually I am on top of this but in case not. I need the help. Will need someone with image sources.

If you can do any of these please send your experience and details to

Christmas 2016 Contest Winner

I wanna thank you all for your entries it was a very hard choice. Our winner is Amy Olson. Congratulations you’ve been contacted and details have been sent. Second runner up was Amy Duelly and Third Lore Teran.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all of you that have been with us all year long. Recently I have been cleaning up the site there was quite a bit we never linked and some of it has been deleted. I am also currently working on the gallery cleaning that as well as reorganizing. I am fixing to make it public sometime probably in late January cause with the kids home well there is no time. But hopefully in the upcoming year things will be better. On a bright note, I wish you an early New Year with love and happiness. Let’s hope 2017 is better than 2016.

Christmas Contest

Hi guys, its December and we are having a Christmas contest for a prize. I will not be telling you what the prize is because it is something really cool. All our details about our contest is on this page. Make sure to read it and till then enjoy. If you got any questions feel free to submit them. Contest will run till December 23, winner will be announced on Christmas Day.

Christmas Contest

Holiday Contest

As I have said we are gonna have a Christmas contest for a prize. The prize will not be disclosed because I want it to be a surprise when you receive it. It is Dan related so if your interested I will tell you how on December 1. We had a few contests here and there so our past contests are now featured on this page. More details coming soon.

Swiss Army Man Deleted Scenes

I worked on caps yesterday of the deleted scenes for Swiss Army Man. You can preview the caps I uploaded in the gallery

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