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Halloween Contest

Many thanks to the ones that submitted our first place winner is Adair Bartley congrats I will contact you with further details on your prize. Second runner up is Amy Duelly and third Sarah Nonaka


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Halloween Contest

We’re having a Halloween Contest and we have received a few entries so far, but we would like to see more.

If you’re a graphic artist, its time to work on fan art. So if you would like to make a graphic for it, whether it be a poster or just a regular banner, icons anything your heart desires feel free.

We would also welcome you to submit your fan fiction. Whether it be RadAvoy (Slash) in Nature, Romantic, Scary. Whatever the cause we need your submissions. Poetry artists: Create a poem about Victor Frankenstein or like our birthday project break it down for each letter of Victor Frankenstein.

If your crafty make a Victor Frankenstein food idea: it could be a dessert, main course, or an appetizer. A plus if you use bacon. Your choice.

Also if you would like to make a t shirt or a homemade banner out of paper. We would love to add those as well. First place winner will receive a cash prize.

Victor Frankenstein Halloween Contest

Graphic dimensions are your choice. Icons should be 100×100 or 150×150. Fan Art any size
T-Shirts preferably white use markers or fabric markers. Take a picture wearing it or the shirt.
Poetry and Fan Fiction: Poetry as long as you want. Fan Fiction 3 paragraphs or more no less.
Food: Drinks, Desserts, Main Course, Appetizers. Have fun with it. Pictures of it must be submitted with your recipe.

Send pictures, stories or graphics to make sure to title it “Victor Frankenstein Halloween Contest”
Send no later than October 30th, don’t wait.

Frankenstein Wallpapers and more

I worked on two new wallpapers today both from Victor Frankenstein. I also did captures of both trailers the US and the UK. I’ve added new stills from David Copperfield and My Boy Jack. On the contest post down below closing date is of course Halloween (October 31). There may be a possible cash prize for first place so you guys have lots of time to enter. Oh be sure to check out the article about Swiss Army Man on our facebook page too and both Frankenstein trailers are on our playlist.

Gallery Link:
FAN ART > Movies > Frankenstein

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > David Copperfield (1999) > Stills

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > My Boy Jack (2007) > Stills

Changes to the site

Removed two sections from the site Google Chrome Themes since they no longer exist and the Fan center since I don’t have time for it. I moved all graphics to a page here and the icons into our icon archive. Questions and Answers = FAQ was added here.

Small snippet from Max Landis about Victor Frankenstein

Like with your VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN script?

ML: Yeah, FRANKENSTEIN was changed quite a bit from my original script. Most of the dialogue is from my actual script, but the order things happen and the reasons why they happen have been altered by production. Certain contextual scenes have been changed or deleted, that give other scenes context. But I thought it was beautifully made with really good acting. It’s weird to sit in the audience and watch a movie that I wrote. I’m unable to see my movies, because I just see the way they were in my head.

Source: RogueMag

New layout

New layout for July and gallery layouts for our free and member gallery. Also included is a calendar which i made for the site while doing the drawing for the layout.


Gallery Survey

Some of you have been asking if there was something you could do to become part of our gallery without a donation. I’ve been thinking about it and there’s no easy solution. I work countless hours looking for everything for it from different sources to all languages. But I’ve made a survey just so I can know what exactly why some of you are wanting back in. Your feedback will give me a look into what you want and what you are interested in.

The survey will end on May 25, after that a person will be chosen who’s not already a member of our gallery. This is only for new people not already registered. If you are registered and fill this out you will not qualify. So if you would like to enter our gallery for free here’s your chance. Best answers will determine your acceptance.


For the rest that are not chosen, in a few weeks time. The gallery will open to the public and the free gallery will be deleted.

I’m Back

For the past two weeks I have been without a computer. It seems the system I owed for ten years finally said goodbye. Well today was the build and I am back. I wanna thank you all that helped me achieve this. Those of you that helped with more than you should I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have gotten this without you. It means a lot to me that you guys value not only the site, but me as well. Also for those that didn’t have the means but gave what they can I will never forget that and I thank you so much.

Now I am back to work and I have added three candid sets for you to view. For those not in the full gallery I will post those tomorrow for you. Its been a miserable two weeks without the fans of the site to talk to and I missed you all very much. In those two weeks I have been writing via paper. I wrote chapter 6 to Project 0471, a new story called Thief of the Heart that is set in Austin, Texas and Holding on to You. I also started drawing, but my drawing skills are bad though it gave my kids a laugh. I drew a landscape of West Port Institute and you will see exactly what that is come Chapter 6 of Project 0471. It’s a very important part of Walter’s life and you will be able to read that once I rewrite it on Word.


The Musical Talent of Daniel Radcliffe

A group of friends of mine, gave me an idea. I always thought Daniel’s talent with music was very unique as well as his vocal talent. So I decided to create a project based on that. I worked on an album cover and worked on music clips from various sources. I made a sort of custom soundtrack featuring such clips as Blackalicious Alphabet Aerobics, Natasha, The Elements, Blue Moon, Who’ll Stop the Rain and much more. If you would like to see what I have put together it is featured here.

musical talent of daniel radcliffe

Fanlistings for Horns and What if

The fanlistings for Horns and What if are now finished, so add your name to the list also view our fan art section in each. Promise to add more as time allows. You can go to each listing by clicking on the images below.

Screenshot 2015-02-22 21.20.52 Screenshot 2015-02-22 21.21.15

Featured Artist of the Week

This week’s featured artist of the week is from one of our Twitter followers, Proulxes. Many thanks to her for her creativeness on drawing Dan from an IPad and Ink.


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