Blackalicious send shout-out to celeb fan Daniel Radcliffe

Q: In late October of last year it was revealed that Blackalicious had a huge celebrity fan when Daniel Radcliffe, a.k.a. Harry Potter, went on Jimmy Fallon and rapped one of your best known songs, Alphabet Aerobics ( That must have been something of a shock.

A: It was! I thought he did a great job. It took a moment before it sank in that I had watched him in those movies, and that he knew our music to the extent that he could go on television in front of millions of viewers and pull it off. That was incredible.

Q: I imagine very helpful for you as well.

A: You can’t pay for that kind of publicity. That song went from just under a million downloads to something like seven million. So, shout out to Daniel Radcliffe!


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