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For Radcliffe, the series’ conclusion signals not just the end of an era, but newfound creative freedom. Though he’s one of the wealthiest young actors of our time (estimating Radcliffe’s net worth is one of Forbes’ favorite pastimes—“they’re almost always off”), until recently, he hasn’t been able to spread his wings far beyond Harry’s world. A monogamist by nature, he’s been faithful to the young wizard, choosing only to test the waters in one non-Potter film (the 2007 romantic drama December Boys) since signing up for the part. “I kept saying to people, What am I going to do now? But soon after, I was on a plane reading the script for The Woman in Black,” he says of his new film, a supernatural thriller set in Victorian Britain. “I moved on very quickly.”

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    these are some of THE best photos of Dan I have ever seen!
    Should be what goes with a lot of new interviews for him….looking the young
    MAN movie STAR actor that he IS!!!
    The one with the star ring !!!in B&W!!
    OOOO! I love B&W!!

  2. Fabulous pics, Marcie, thanks! If only that car was a Mustang…but at least it’s red, and vintage, and Dan’s wearing a white T, a leather jacket, and blue jeans. My Dan fantasy come to life. *swoon*

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