Daniel Mays saves Dan from a Zebra

When we meet he’s just finished making the film Frankenstein with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy which is due out next year. It turns out he’s a handy man to have around the set when it comes to wild animals on the loose.

‘I play an evil ringmaster (Barnaby) who basically abuses the monster, Igor, played by Daniel Radcliffe,’ he reveals.

‘As we were a circus there were a lot of animals on set and one evening a few of us were standing chatting when, in my peripheral vision, I saw this zebra bolting straight towards us, pulling his animal handler with him. I think he’d been scared by the lions. So I dived on Dan and the director and got them out of the way. Instinct just took over and I just thought, “I need to save the talent!” Once the zebra had passed us, the handler managed to get it under control. I kept reminding Dan that I saved his life – that boy owes me!’

Source: Dailymail

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