Dan’s Playboy Interview

Dan recently did an interview for Playboy where they asked him 20 questions. Below is a snippet, you can read the full interview at playboy and what was said also view the video that was shot by Gavin Bond.

In the new movie Victor Frankenstein, you play the hunchbacked assistant Igor. As an actor, what’s the appeal of playing someone malformed?
It’s not like, Oh great, how can I give myself terrible back pain for the next few months? It’s more that you embrace the physical challenge. If you do something that puts you in a little bit of pain, it makes you feel as though you’re working slightly harder than you normally do as an actor. I did the play The Cripple of Inishmaan for four months in London and never had any physical problems. Doing what I did on Frankenstein for three weeks was a fucker. There’s a crick in my neck now that was not there before.

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