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Daniel Radcliffe wants to direct

Daniel Radcliffe – 28 – has accomplished more than most actors twice his age. But now he’s ready to branch outperforming in films and move on to directing. Speaking exclusively to Esquire Middle East, Radcliff admitted that he is dabbling in script-writing, but his end game is to direct.

“I’m working on scripts at the moment as I want to get into directing.”

“I don’t want somebody else to give me their script and me to mess it up, as it’s my first job; whereas if I mess up my own work I’ll feel less guilty about that.”

It there is one thing Radcliffe need not feel guilty about, however, it’s working with other people’s scripts. Since becoming a child star after being cast as the bespectacled Harry Potter, Radcliffe has reportedly earned more than AED395 million.

“I was incredibly lucky to fall into a career, and a role, where I got paid very well. I’m almost embarrassed by it, I don’t drive really so the flash car thing never happened for me. The real thing money does for me is let me not have to worry about it, which is such a massive thing for people in their lives.”

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