First photos from Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein is back and this time – unlike Mel Brooks’ version – it’s not pronounced “Fronkensteen”. James McAvoy is donning the scientist’s garb in the new iteration of Mary Shelley’s Gothic tale and, alongside co-star Daniel Radcliffe’s Igor, he’s arrived to meet his public in two exclusive shots from the new issue of Empire.

Victor-Frankenstein-Daniel-Radcliffe-James-McAvoy Victor-Frankenstein-James-McAvoy

McGuigan’s Victor Frankenstein was also unveiled with a sequence that showed the monster (or the corpse that will become the monster) hauled above a pit on chains and suspended between the machine’s pylons as electricity courses into it. James McAvoy looked on with maniacal glee while Daniel Radcliffe’s Igor entreated him to stop. We then saw the monster walk up to Victor and roar as he tried to placate it. Thrilling stuff.

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