If Cars Were Celebrities, who would Daniel Radcliffe be?

Our cars can sometimes feel like members of our family. Especially one’s that we’ve been driving for years. But if they can remind us of people then which celebrities would these cars resemble? MoneySupermarket have matched Justin Bieber up with the Audi TT (due to his stylish but ever so slightly annoying nature), Kim Kardashian with the Renault Megane (curvy behind)and George Clooney with an Aston Martin (classy and expensive), but who have they paired Daniel Radcliffe with?

Well, as you can see from the graphic below, his four wheeled counterpart is a Mini Cooper! Just like the Mini, Daniel burst on to the scene when he was a lot smaller, but still remains loved by millions despite being older and bigger!

if cars were celebs - Daniel Radcliffe

What do you think about the matches? Which car would you compare him to? If you’d like to see the full infographic with a whole range of celebrity and car matches then you can see it here.

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