Kill Your Darlings in Italy

Thanks to a friend of mine in Italy she told me the following info on KYD.

Yesterday, in Riccione  there was a Film Festival, and they presented the KYD Trailer (I saw you have a screencap on Facebook). Here’s everything that was explained by Italian Distributor Notorious Pictures


KYD will be out in Italy with the title “Giovani Ribelli” on September the 26th, three weeks before the USA. It will also been screened at the Giffoni Film Festival over the summer AND more importantly … they can’t confirm it 100 %, but they basically hinted a Venice Film Festival Premiere. I SO hope Dan will be able to attend that Festival, Venice is HUGE and here we talk about it a lot, as you can imagine. Best. Wake. Up. Ever.

The Notorius Pictures representative is quoted in the article as saying: “It’ll be at an important Film Festival between the end of August and the beginning of September …” which for us equals Venice, but it’s early for confirmation.


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