New Compliation coming soon

Since you guys loved the latest media project I worked on. A person from our twitter requested another project, at this moment I am not disclosing what it is about but since we all love Dan I think you will love it. This project will give me a challenge as I have to search for the materials for it. So more info will be announced when the project is nearly done. Thanks to Aina for suggesting it.

Also I added several more pics to the gallery from the Jameson Empire Film Awards and a small tid-bit was announced on Empire about Dan suggesting to James about their presentation for Best British Film.

With such a wealth of British talent in the room, it was no easy task to choose two of Blighty’s finest to present this award. Happily for us, we had access to the combined might of James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe. They’re both stars of stage and screen, they’re both gifted with uncanny powers (at least onscreen) and they’re bringing Frankenstein back to life for us later this year. Your move, America!

“We didn’t know what to say when we stood up here,” says McAvoy, “so I’ll just tell you what Daniel suggested, which is that we stand here and look pretty.” Well, job done on that front, guys.

Source: Empire

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