New Pics from the set of Swiss Army Man

Daniel Radcliffe filming a new movie called “Swiss Army Man” in Malibu California.

Daniel was wearing a funny costume laughing smiling sitting in front of a wood hut tree house fort. Daniel was wearing a red bandanna, wood wrist protectors, tie , Cardboard box around his neck & plaid jacket. Standing next to Daniel is his co-star Paul Dano wearing a long red string wig & sleeveless yellow poncho.

The film is about a man in the wilderness who befriends an unlikely counter part. Daniel was wearing what appears to be a handmade costume with a cape. Daniel was laughing and appeared to be having fun with the rest of the cast. The scene has Daniel with his co star sleeping in the woods with a make shift hut surviving in the wilderness.

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > Swiss Army Man > Set (08.09.15)

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