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“No, I don’t really have mainstream tastes,” he says. “People do ask me, ‘Why do you choose such weird movies?’ but I don’t think they’re weird, they’re just stories I’m interested in. Isn’t having weird tastes good, though? I think so. I think that’s better than always wanting to play the handsome hero. You think I’m weird? I’ll take that.”

Radcliffe is handsome but in quite a normal way – he has what your mum might call “a nice face” – which means he’s not obvious leading man material, and at around 5’5”, he’s a bit small to be an action star (though that never stopped Tom Cruise). Today, dressed all in black and with his hair sharply cropped as a souvenir from a recently completed role in Imperium, playing an FBI agent posing as a neo-Nazi, he should look intimidating. Yet he’s so effusively cheerful that he just looks… tidy. He’s 26 now, but clean-shaven, he could pass for much younger. He’s got a character actor’s face, which means he can do those strange lead roles your more traditional leading man couldn’t.

Source: NME

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  1. Welcome back to the reality. To get rid of dependence of darkness, you need to find real person at real world ,who is an inverse image of wizard of 21 century. Then you will see all mistakes and as a result-the way out from darkness. Now, you look like a Dark Lord, vary much. Open you mind and found him in real world ….if you can!

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