Not My Job: Actor Daniel Radcliffe Gets Quizzed On Chia Pets

NPR, did a Q and A with Dan on Horns, Harry Potter and Chia Pets. Below is a snippet of the conversation, but be sure to click on the source link that features audio of the whole conversation.

RADCLIFFE: That’s not something that I’ve like longed to do for ages. But it’s nice to play a part that is so different. And I get like – he’s kind of a bad ass in himself.

SAGAL: You do in fact grow horns…


SAGAL: …Which is a look.


SAGAL: I’m sure a lot of the people out there who always thought Harry Potter was satanic are going, a-ha, I told you.

RADCLIFFE: Yeah I know. But I sort of enjoy annoying those people. I mean…


SAGAL: I – there are so many things to ask you about as the star of the most profitable and probably most widely seen film series of all time. But let’s just start with the action figures and toys. If I were to go to your house, would I see any “Harry Potter” memorabilia? Any little Daniel Radcliffes and friends?

RADCLIFFE: No. You’d see – what have I got? You know, what you’re more likely to find is like sort of homemade “Harry Potter” dolls that I get sort of given – not by me. I hated dolls.


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