NYSM2 filming in Macau


Looks like filming has gone to Macau thanks to a tweeter who tweeted from a flight to Hong Kong. The following article is loosely translated from the original text.

Magic piece “very Pirates” (Now You See Me) in global box office income, the sequel movie “Now You See Me 2” (Now You See Me: The Second Act) also overweight making, this power is removed outside the UK, the original next Thursday (12th) will be reached Macau Chung, six-day shoot.

Late last month, the crew began to engage in Macau to a recruitment activity, performance extras, including a line two dozen people riding motorcycles live appearances.

This film focus on the Department of words incorrectly generous Taiwanese star Jay Chou Wu Nai married, drainage Bei antique drama plays little east of Macau, next week should see the canal, while new entrants lineup generous “Daniel Radcliffe, should be in conjunction with Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Eisenberg and so appeared to shoot, it will tell the story of Walter to avenge his father, Jay performed in conjunction with an estimated magic wars.

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Source: HK.Apple.Nextmedia.com

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