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Entertainer of the Year: Daniel Radcliffe

No one has ever had a year like him: a billion-dollar blockbuster and a Broadway show. Radcliffe starred in the finale of the biggest movie franchise in history (nearly $8 billion in global box office), he spent 11 months learning to dance so he could star in Broadway’s “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” (and he was great in it) and he also found time to shoot another film — a thriller called “Woman in Black,” which opens in February. Despite wealth and fame at an early age, he’s never fallen into the teen-star trap. He has shown that he’s humble, curious and dedicated to the craft of acting, and he has made a point of learning all he can from great actors (like Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman during the ‘Potter’ films) and directors, and challenging himself whether it’s in a Broadway musical or ‘Equus,’ which he did on stage a few years ago. This means he’s got a bright future: He’s interested in learning and growing, that’s the key to longevity.


Entertainment Weekly Scans added from December 16th Issue.


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