Shortlist and A Young Doctor’s Notebook 2

Here’s today’s updates: Shortlist released a trailer for their upcoming issue, their 300th issue featuring Daniel Radcliffe as a detective with a deadline.

The world’s top crime authors have penned us tight 300-word stories for the issue. And…well, we don’t want to reveal too much else. But suffice to say,there will be special guests and headline-grabbing coups. Not to mention the odd body to be disposed of. Bring a shovel.

We also have a new interview from A Young Doctor’s Notebook 2 in where Dan talks about his character from first season and second season. You can preview the video at

What’s on stage nominations are up till November 30. Shortlists are announced on 6 December, when voting for the eventual winners opens. Voting runs from 6 December to 31 January. Winners are announced at the WhatsOnStage Awards Ceremony and Concert on Sunday 23 February.

And The New Yorker features Kill Your Darlings in their issue, you can preview that, here.- The New

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