Shortlist Article: Fighting Fit

Thanks to Ben for forwarding over the article. In the article Daniel talks about his alcoholism, Potter and what’s next.

Thankfully, Radcliffe expands. “My voice is going,” he croakily explains outside the New York studio where our exclusive cover shoot is taking place. “I’ve only got three weeks left on Broadway and I promised myself I wouldn’t miss a single show. I can’t risk talking for an hour and losing my voice completely. I don’t want to let anyone down.”

What have you got coming up next?
I’m shooting a film called Kill Your Darlings. I’ll be playing Allen Ginsberg.

Have you seen James Franco’s Ginsberg in Howl?
No. I like the fact he played him, though, because I’m slightly too handsome to play Ginsberg, but James Franco is way too f*cking handsome to play Ginsberg [laughs]. So if anybody tells me I don’t look right, I’ll be like, “Did you see Howl?”

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  1. hello Marcie 😉
    I love your website and I think it’s one of the best in the net about Daniel 😉
    but I’ve been wondering for several days if it’s just me or the gallery really doesn’t work?
    I see that all the time you’ve been adding new pics so I have no idea if it just in my case doesn’t work or there are some general problems with it?
    I hope I’ll have an access to your gallery again soon because it’s just great!
    loads of Daniel’s pics in one place ;D

    1. SDR has officially been noticed by the Radcliffe community, our image gallery has been experiencing crashes. I only noticed 1 so far. But because of so many people trying to access the gallery if you get a 500 error that is a processing error. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about that. It’s the server over processing so many requests from all over the world. So if something like that happens to you. Feel free to come back maybe a few minutes or hour later it eventually resets so that’s my advice to you. I really cannot afford a 4th server right now for the gallery alone so the only solution is to do what I did to my Leo gallery. For my Leo gallery we got monthly donations to pay for the server that’s $119 a year and everyone helps. That’s the only alternative i have otherwise you’ll have to bare with the crashes and I deeply apologize for that.

  2. hello thanks for your wonderful site!had you more candid photos of dan at the show watching nick jonas at new york city? 😆 😯 😮

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