Shortlist Article: Fighting Fit

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  1. Jana says:

    hello Marcie ;)
    I love your website and I think it’s one of the best in the net about Daniel ;)
    but I’ve been wondering for several days if it’s just me or the gallery really doesn’t work?
    I see that all the time you’ve been adding new pics so I have no idea if it just in my case doesn’t work or there are some general problems with it?
    I hope I’ll have an access to your gallery again soon because it’s just great!
    loads of Daniel’s pics in one place ;D

    • marcie says:

      SDR has officially been noticed by the Radcliffe community, our image gallery has been experiencing crashes. I only noticed 1 so far. But because of so many people trying to access the gallery if you get a 500 error that is a processing error. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about that. It’s the server over processing so many requests from all over the world. So if something like that happens to you. Feel free to come back maybe a few minutes or hour later it eventually resets so that’s my advice to you. I really cannot afford a 4th server right now for the gallery alone so the only solution is to do what I did to my Leo gallery. For my Leo gallery we got monthly donations to pay for the server that’s $119 a year and everyone helps. That’s the only alternative i have otherwise you’ll have to bare with the crashes and I deeply apologize for that.

  2. amin says:

    hello thanks for your wonderful site!had you more candid photos of dan at the show watching nick jonas at new york city? :lol: :shock: :eek:

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