Swiss Army Man “Manny Experience”

Swiss Army Man’s website has given you a chance to have your own Manny. I played with him and did the texting and it was actually a wonderful experience. Not only did you get to play with him, you also got to see clips from the film which actually I adored. The website has you enter keywords that can make Manny do different things just like in the movie. So if you haven’t played with Manny you should see what he is capable of. You will not regret this wonderful experience.

There’s also inspired artwork from the film from Patrick Moss and i myself with be making OS icons for Swiss Army Man as well available for download very soon. A new lyric video has been put up. You can view that down below. Forgot to post this as well from twitter. And an article from Entertainment Weekly talking about the Montage video and Dan talking about the song itself.

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