The Life and Career of Daniel Radcliffe’ to Hit Stores This Year

The bio will be the first in a series of ‘fan books’ commissioned by Creative Partners Publishing House

Randy Jernigan, a well-known celebrity biographer, will be writing a series of “fan books,” issued by his publisher, Creative Partners Publishing House, starting with Harry Potter’s own Daniel Radcliffe.

The Life and Career of Daniel Radcliffe, the first of the fan books, will look at Radcliffe’s childhood, his career in film, television and theater and, also, his private life.

Jernigan, with twenty-two years of experience as an entertainment journalist, was likely picked for his unique, straightforward manner during interviews. Over the years, Jernigan has interviewed and covered the careers and lives of Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, Justin Timberlake, and countless other celebrities.

His biography of singer Marie Osmand will be released later this year; his recently released The Road to Happiness is currently available via Creative Partners Gift Books.

“I’m excited to be a part of this project,” Jernigan said about the project. “After reviewing all the material on Dan I can tell there’s a lot of crap that’s been written my job will be to wade through all the rumor and turn out a factual piece of history of an amazing actor.”

He notes that he’s already begun working on the Daniel Radcliffe-themed book, which will be out in stores later this year.

Randy Jernigan, author of the best selling book, Losing To Win!

Source: Creative Partners Publishing

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