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New photos have been released from Vanity Fair Italia, the italian article talks about Dan’s Rear of the Year award and Frankenstein.

Few people in the world can establish exactly the time when their childhood is over. Daniel Radcliffe is one of them. “The first time I went to Japan to promote Harry Potter I was 11 and waiting for me at the airport, I found something like five thousand people,” he says with his fast-talking, sitting in a hotel suite in London. “There were girls screaming my name, I touched it by mistake and fainted. For me, so small, it was an amazing thing, insane. At that moment I realized that my life had changed, and what it meant “to be famous. ‘” “Being famous” means that we of the (young) life of Daniel Radcliffe we ​​know almost everything. His adolescence, between 2001 and 2011, was spent in the spotlight. And on the big screen, from a Harry Potter movie to another, we have seen it grow and become a man. Not only by magic.

Radcliffe – British actor starred in one of the most profitable film sagas of history, a turning point, “committed” and naked on stage with Equus in 2007 and spent some alcohol too – Today is a guy affable and talkative, which features a security almost theatrical ( the vigorous handshake, the voice set, courtesy of another era). Every gesture seems to suggest the interlocutor, especially if a journalist, “seen? I am no longer the bespectacled boy of Hogwarts, “and the result is that it also shows most of his 26 years.

We meet in London to promote the film Victor – The Secret History of Dr. Frankenstein, yet another adaptation – a little ‘fantasy, a little’ horror, a little ‘psychological thriller – the novel by Mary Shelley, who will come to us in April . James McAvoy is the scientist Victor Frankenstein, while Radcliffe, long hair and sensual look, is his assistant Igor. A rather sexy, I note. “If you’re a man with long hair it is sexy …” laughs Daniel, who has since made a cut to the yoke. And that, bright blue eyes apart, seems an English copy of the winner of X Factor 9 Giosada. In exclusive photos that we took, and you can browse in the gallery at the top, the resemblance is striking.

What’s so different from many earlier this Frankenstein?

“It is more focused on the relationship between Victor and Igor, you see less of the monster. Earlier Igor is an outcast and Victor, seeing in him intelligence and potential, he decided to “save”. For this friendship it is unbalanced: Igor feels duty life and Victor does not know to what extent can oppose him or criticize him. ”
She happen to feel so ’employee’ to someone?

“Together with my girlfriend (actress Erin Darke, ed), the people who follow me in the work are those from which most depend, the bodyguard personal assistant. We meet every day, are “my office”. And most of my friends are, not just an entourage. I’d be lost without them, I would not have a sense of who they are. ”
And his parents?

“My mother and my father are always there and they give me a sense of stability. You see, first talked to her about that time in Japan: anyone who could get out “traumatized” and instead of them, get in their car, did nothing but laugh and joke, trying to defuse the situation. If in that circumstance had reacted differently, showing frightened rather than amused, I would not have had the strength to deal with all that has happened. ”

About Italy has memories so crazy?

“Unfortunately, we have never been in Italy to promote Harry Potter. And I apologize for that! In those years I came to you only once, in Venice, but I was on vacation and no one knew. ”
In Venice we met a couple of years ago during the Venice Film Festival for the film Kill Your Darlings of Allen Ginsbergs.
“For the crowd I could not even do 200 meters to go to the bathroom. Italy, Japan, Mexico: there are no other places in the world where fans show with such intense love for someone or something. ”

Why was he so loved Harry Potter?

“Each film was better than the previous, and the last was the best ever. It’s the way it was produced that made the difference: the film cashed much money but as many more were spent on them. Today many manufacturers of franchise when they discover that a saga works, they think the public will see the same, and do not invest to improve it. ”

Today Harry Potter could get a TV series. She likes?

“I can not stay glued to the TV all the time. My girlfriend however is that guardaun bit ‘all, from Mad Men to Breaking Bad. But how do you follow seven seasons of ten episodes of an hour each? It’s like asking someone “would you watch 40 movies with me?”. I also received some offers, but I have already been busy for a long time on a project alone. ”

Three years is also involved in a project “sentimental” long distance.

“Erin lives in New York and I still in London. When are we live in America, but unfortunately not so long to say “we live together. ‘”

In return they photograph often as you exercise: you are so attached to the physical form?

“Actually, when I’m with her I put on a bit ‘of muscles (laughs). The truth is that since we came out (the story remained secret for more than a year, editor’s note), we can not go to the grocery store or out to get ice cream without finding paparazzi. It’s not that we train so much: that is, when we do, we are always being photographed. ”

I think that I need to compliment you for the title of “Best seat in the United Kingdom in 2015”. If the won beating even Mister 50 shades, Jamie Dornan!

“She and colleague who interviewed me before you did the same thing: an interview with questions very intelligent and this last … To communicate the” victory “was my girlfriend, who sent me a message on the phone , sfottendomi. I find it just a bit ‘strange: this year I have not shown my ass! But I am grateful to those who voted for him, and I would be flattered if I candidassero again next year. ”

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