Venice and much more

I worked on changing our gallery just a bit in the Film Festival’s section I ordered it by categories and put the albums into their correct places. I also released some old photos you may not have seen before so you’ll notice those with the asterisk on the album name.

All Venice albums are located in their category and as for video’s you can preview the ones we got on our Youtube playlist the newest ones from Venice are from 63-69.

For those of you who loved the graphics I did, it was a pleasure. Recently I deactivated my profile off Deviant art, cause I still have more to learn. i am glad that most of you read my guide on Colorizing Dan since then a lot of people have gotten better and I am very proud that I could help you guys improve on that. But I am done making graphics on dan you guys don’t really need me anymore. If I was an inspiration to you, it was a pleasure. You probably won’t see anything new for quite a while. I hope to come back someday and if I don’t I wish you well on your creations. on that note I leave you with a graphic I made for a fan fiction story called Spin the Bottle where Sam (Dan) was in Italy.


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