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Daniel Radcliffe: “Actors always nice to hear when he did not recognize”

Many believed that he would never be able to move away from the image of Harry Potter. However, the actor for his work proves the opposite. WomanHit.ru questioned the star of the new role.

Bold scientist Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) and his talented pupil Igor Strausman (Daniel Radcliffe) obsessed with the noble desire to help humanity achieve immortality through their revolutionary discovery. However, Victor had gone too far in their experiments, and his obsession has terrible consequences. Only Igor can hold another on the edge of madness and save him from his own created monsters.

Daniel, how did you work on this film?

Well. It was interesting to shoot this film, because since the “Harry Potter” I first worked on a project of this magnitude. This film is a big studio with a good budget. For some time I have not acted in such large-scale paintings, so it was great to try it. And I really enjoyed working with James McAvoy and other actors.
The shooting of the film differ from less budget projects?

The main difference in the set and cameras. When a lot of money, you can do much more panoramic shots, build stunning scenery. I have always been impressed, as they can get out artists and designers on a budget: they can transform the most ordinary space into some amazing spaces that are from different angles will have a different view. But the movie sets Eve Stewart (Production Designer picture three times nominated for “Oscar” for the film “The King’s Speech,” “Les Miserables” and “Topsy-Turvy.” – Approx. Ed.) Literally blew the brain: every detail in them was unique . When you come on its site, it is simply impossible to resist the cheers.

The film “Victor Frankenstein” is not a direct adaptation of Mary Shelley’s book, right?

Yes, this combination of material from various sources. James and I called this adventure with the debate on science and technology that is relevant to this day. We are thinking, though very advanced and modern, we have free-professor with liberal views, which favor such things as stem cell research, which, in my opinion, is debatable. Picks up the theme of cloning, artificial intelligence and other issues that we still have to face in the future. The development of science is always accompanied by fear and will be followed to reach a certain point where the process can no longer be controlled. Our film is about that too. It is about two men who think or not to cross a certain line; what will happen when they do it, and how it is moral. Igor moralist, but at the same time, he is a scientist, and for a long time, he believes in progress for the sake of progress.
But Igor changes his mind?

Under the influence of the Lorelei, a girl in love with you, it changes. She is a very modern woman, but more faith in humanity, but not in science. And it complicates her relationship with Victor, which ultimately is reflected in my character. Again, this debate about science and morality. But we are not didactic, moralizing film, it is for fun, though, if it will make someone think it would be nice.

Tell us about your hero Igor

In the beginning, he hunchback, works in a circus clown. He grew up there and worked all his life. Although his hurt and humiliated by the owner of the circus, and other members of the cast, Igor was an excellent surgeon and treated injured performers and animals. Books, guides and medical drugs became his salvation in these difficult, if not terrible, circumstances. Once, when the circus is an accident, and Lorelei falls Igor rushes to help and make her operation. Witness this becomes Victor. So they know each other. Victor sees Igor underestimated, offended scholar, which are bad. Realizing that Igor lives in a world of humiliation, misery and intellectual hunger, Victor saves him, for which he was very grateful to Igor. Victor of those who begin with the best intentions, but his ego gets in a very dark place, and Igor tries to get him out.

How did you prepare to what to play hunchback?

When it comes to makeup, it takes an hour or two. If the physical side of the issue, I seriously worked on it, I was looking for a suitable position. I wanted to Igor looked painful, crooked, but at the same time so that I can quite a long time to show it that way. I remember once I was in full makeup on the set in Manchester, and the guards standing outside for passers-by. I walked past without even noticing them. And suddenly I heard: “This is it? It was Radcliffe? “And I thought to myself,” So, I’m doing the right thing. ” The actor is always nice to hear when it does not recognize. (Laughs.)

James McAvoy said that during filming was a lot of stunt scenes contact

Oh yeah! James almost all his films takes a lot of tricks, and it was great to star in action scenes with him. Because when you work with someone on the scene fighting, half goes to establish contact with this person. The fact is that most people do not believe in yourself, do not want to or can not go to the physical contact. With James had no such problems. The very first day of shooting as he pecked me on the pole, and I thought, “Oh yes, I think we’ll get along well.” (Laughs.) And it was really so, we are similar, we both love laid out on the full.

Tips on the set you do for yourself?

Yes, how I had the opportunity. When I was filming “Harry Potter”, then he trained with the stunt coordinator in each break. They knew that I was capable of, and allowed me a lot. But since no one more than me is not so much allowed me all the time I am saying that I will do everything for the understudy. Prior to this film. I’ve got was a scene where I was jumping out of his chair at the table, the table on a chain, swinging at her, repelled by the pole, turn around and beat the monster’s chest. All of this has made itself. It was my favorite one of the shooting days. (Laughs.)

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