Birthday Project 26


This years birthday project is gonna be kinda different. I was thinking that we could make birthday greetings this year but make it unique. So here’s what I need you to do. Write your birthday message on a piece of paper (landscape) decorate it with glitter, sequins, stickers anything you wanna add to it also feel free to use color paper. You can write it in your own language but please submit a message to me via email on what it says in English. You can take a picture with your sign but its not mandatory I will leave that up to you. Submissions are due July 20th. Send your submissions directly to me via email at

Materials you will need:

Your Message
glue stick
colored or white paper
Translation of your message if not in english

If your a graphic artist: design your graphic at 1920×1080, use brushes and textures and if you need pictures for it ask for registration for our gallery if you don’t have one with the subject “birthday graphic entry

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