Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project #27

This month we will be celebrating Dan’s 27th birthday so I hope you will join me. Amy came out with a terrific idea. So we will be adding that to this year’s project.

Birthday Graphics

Make a birthday graphic wishing Dan a Happy Birthday. You can use any pictures, words and decor that you want. Any image size is fine.

Send it via email.

Video Greetings

Say a simple greeting nothing too long. Can be 30 seconds long but less than a minute.

Send it via Instagram or email. Just send me the url to the video.

Do a scene

Do a scene from your favorite Dan movie and send us either the video or photo. This can be either you can do both or just one. I leave that up to you.

Make sure to include your name and what movie you are doing also send us what country you are from.

Send it via Instagram or email. Just send me the url to the video if you upload it elsewhere

Make a Tree

Make a tree surrounded by words of what Dan has given to you. He has to be in the center of that tree you can draw him anyway you like and add the words around him or cut out a pic of him from a magazine and paste it onto paper. You can do it in a graphic as well if you have graphic skills. Your free to do this anyway you like. You can even use the character’s he’s portrayed. After you are done take a pic of your creation and send it to me via email. View a sample here.

Everything must be sent in no later than July 20. That’s the cut off date.

3 Comments on “Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project #27”

  1. Happy Birth Day Dear DANIEL!!!
    May your special day brings you happiness!!
    And all the best for YOU, and your movies.. :wave: :cake: 🙂 🙂

  2. 😛 :heart: 😛
    I wish you a lovely day, not just today,
    because it is your birthday,
    but Everyday.
    May you always wake in the morning
    with a natural and cute smile.
    May your special day brings you
    all that heart desires and a successful & pleasant life.

    Happy Birthday dear,

  3. Hola Marcie, me encanta tu idea,pero soy pésima con la tecnología. Yo estoy dedicando un espacio diariamente a la carrera de Daniel en mi facebook (Magda GarRcia) y mi cuenta de Google + (Magda Garcia) en ambas te tengo como amiga.
    Espero te guste el trabajo que estoy haciendo como homenaje a Daniel.
    Un abrazo Marcie.

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