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Daniel Radcliffe: The Biography Book Review

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Hardcover: 280 pages
Publisher: John Blake (January 1, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1782199896
ISBN-13: 978-1782199892
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Daniel Radcliffe went from shy schoolboy to the world’s most famous boy wizard overnight. Aged just 10 when he won the iconic role of Harry Potter, Daniel has often had to beat his own demons as he met the challenge of combining childhood with being a child star.

No one could have envisaged just how huge Harry Potter would be, or how dramatically life-changing it would be for the little boy teachers once wrote off as having no prospects. Daniel won the part out of a staggering 16,000 boys who auditioned. Now it is hard to believe that anyone but him could have ever played the role. Daniel became a film legend before he was out of his teens.

My Review

Your first glance at the book, gives you a flashback from the past as it starts off with the beginning of how Daniel Radcliffe, became from a child through stardom from the Harry Potter Franchise to the man he is now. Reading through the book, gave you a look back on everything Dan has accomplished since Potter. It explains all the things he’s been through to get where he is now.

It does mention things we all remember with listed sources of where each piece of information was mentioned.

I ask you not to judge the book by its cover. The book refreshes your mind on not only reliving everything we’ve come to know. But more further on what’s to come and what we look forward to seeing such as Frankenstein, You Shall Know Our Velocity, Gold and Brooklyn Bridge.

The book is 280 pages and is hard covered without the paper back cover its completely black with the title on it. There is a couple of pictures of Dan in the book ranging from Potter to the Cripple of Inishmaan.

Each film mentioned give us a look back on small tid bits from each movie. Such as Kill Your Darlings and when Dan wrote under the name Jacob Gershon when he was younger. Whether it be things that happened on set or the friends Dan made though each film such as Dane DeHaan and Anna Wood. In how their relationship developed into a beautiful friendship that they have now.

In closing it mentions What if, Horns, Frankenstein, You Shall Know Our Velocity, Brooklyn Bridge, Tokyo Vice and so forth giving you information on what each film is about. And a quote we often heard Dan say many times before, “I got very, very lucky when I was eleven.”

For me reading through it gave me a look back on everything we’ve read, heard or seen in the years since Potter. Even the dark phase when Dan went through his drinking and how it didn’t affect his acting. I’d like to think this book is a keepsake on all the things we’ve come to know about Dan. Sort of like a look back to all the trials and tribulations one can go through and Dan has been through a lot. Not everyone in life has a happiness in their life but to overcome that is What Dan has shown us. You gotta get back on your feel and overcome it. Some of us fans, have had those days.

In short, this book is about Dan’s career and what he went through as a person.