History of SDR

On January 23, 2006 we switched our domain heartofdestiny.org to Harry Potter which was previously an Environmental Awareness site. We called it Sparkling Illusions, with my love for Potter the site revolved around the Harry Potter Franchise till the movies ended. I mainly focused on the trio after that, but when interest was lost on Rupert and Emma in 2010 we became Simply Daniel Radcliffe focusing all our attention to actor Daniel Radcliffe.

I focused a lot of what I had into in. My graphics were shit, my writing not so good and just a lot of confusion on how the site was gonna go forward. At the time I was working two Daniel Radcliffe sites this one and Dan-Radcliffe.net. With no help and everyone going their own ways I dropped the dan-radcliffe.net and made Simply Daniel Radcliffe on my own. I’ve tried hard to do things different and not like other fan sites. Somehow through all that my graphics became better, my writing was being enjoyed by friends and people I met became like family.

This website has been through a lot and received a lot of attention in 2012 when it crashed because our fan fiction site was shown to Dan for the first time through Graham Norton. I will never know if Dan already knew about the site or not but now that he has. Its been like a dream come true because of Dan a lot of things changed. And I made a friend as well. Actor, Mitchell Kummen who played the Young Ignatius Perish on Horns (Dan’s younger self). Mitchell is talented, kind and unlike anyone I ever met. If not for Dan we probably would have never known each other.

As we celebrate our 11th year in January 23, 2017 I have to thank all the visitors and fans who have just been a joy to have. I’ve even got to meet some of them. Amy Duelly who is just a blessing in my life and now working with me here at SDR and Michele Mar-Tang who always been so supportive and helpful.

I’ve gotten the chance to see Dan twice and no I don’t think he knows who I am. But it was an experience I will never forget. On an end note I hope all of you have enjoyed the site and thanks for your support.