SDR’s Mascot

Simply Daniel Radcliffe has a funny way of expressing our love for Daniel Radcliffe so much that we created our own Mascot. Even though the mascot is not human. This idea came with a very awesome friend of mine who has such creative taste: Amy Duelly. She’s been a great friend and is currently helping me with our Swiss Army Man Fan Group. Her and I loved Manny so much we added him to a little collage I did.

But there’s more to the story on this particular mascot. Who traveled with Amy from her home all the way to Los Angeles, CA. The first time, Amy and I met seems not so long ago. She had brought this pillow with her and like all Dan Radcliffe fans we all carry something with us. A pillow she couldn’t sleep without.

Overtime, as our friendship progressed we came up with a few funny ideas, but since Swiss Army Man had Manny we decided to come up with our very own Dan the pillow man. We had so much fun with it, Amy put it in a shirt with SDR on it and we named it our mascot.

I think its safe to say because of Swiss Army Man we now have a mascot that brought Amy and I fond memories of our first meeting. I definitely could not live without her.