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First off, I am not Daniel Radcliffe over the years, people have thought I was Leonardo DiCaprio or James McAvoy and now Daniel Radcliffe. No, I am a 40 year old mother of three wonderful children who has been doing web design and graphics for almost 16 years already. My name is Marcie Lucas, my passion for Daniel has been the highlight of my life. I have met a lot of wonderful people and have enjoyed everything I do. I’ve met Daniel twice. Once from afar and at his Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony.

I was interviewed 2 years ago about Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe by Noahus Magazine My answers are below, i don’t have the original answers i wrote. So these are translated by the site. If they seem awkward that’s cause they were translated.

Daniel Radcliffe Fans Up Close

1) What is the biggest experience you have had, as a fan of Daniel Radcliffe?
Marcie: What makes Daniel Radcliffe so special is that he does not behave like an actor who has all the money he has, he seems very down to earth and shows no fear of the media. He seems like someone you can talk to and who will take your views into account.

Daniel does not care what people say in the media, it means a lot to me. When he was in Equus, he did what was needed, no questions asked. He is courageous and takes a risk in his career. Not many actresses have done what he has.

2) Has this Harry Potter era, had any kind of influence on your life – if so what?
Marcie: Harry Potter has had a major influence on my life. The first book was not, as I had expected. I was not so much into reading at the time, but the first novel expanded my mind and taught me to never give up. Whatever you are going for.

I think Harry Potter will reach far into the future, not only for its history, but also because of its creative writer J.K. Rowling. I do not think there will ever be a book with such a powerful story.The books were beginning to an era where reading was more important than just watching movies.

3) In July 2011 the last film will appear in cinemas across the world. Do you think Harry Potter will continue long into the future? why?
Marcie: I think Daniel Radcliffe will have a very long career in acting. So far I have loved all his performances. As long as he keeps making movies, I’ll keep watching them.

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