The Owner

Hi my name is Marcie Lucas, my site was originally called Sparkling Illusions based on Harry Potter. In 2010 we moved on to Daniel Radcliffe which is the focus of our site now. Its been a world of experiences for this site, each time something new comes along its a joy to bring it to the fans. Below is just a bit of information on me and more.

In July of 2006, I ran a Daniel Radcliffe site with Julie called I ran that site from 2006 to about 2012 when my time for Simply Daniel Radcliffe became my priority I dropped it and my friend Adair Bartley moved on with me.

I’ve been doing graphics for over 18 years now as well as web design though graphic design has always been more of a passion for me. I’ve met Daniel twice once from afar and another time at his Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony. Though Dan I have met a lot of very good people some working with me and others that I am proud to call friends. I also got to work with his co-star Mitchell Kummen who plays young Ig from Horns which we are now very good friends.

Dan’s been the center of my world from working on two sites for Dane DeHaan and Mitchell Kummen his past co-stars to seeing his reaction to my writing on Graham Norton. He’s signed a lot of things for me without knowing who I was. I am very grateful for everything he’s done. I am proud to be a fan of his.

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