Adair Bartley


Hello my name is Adair Bartley and I’m 32 years old. I was born and raised and currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love to do things that most people do watch movies, listen to music, hanging out with my friends ( i have 2 good ones) and I’m a huge artsy person. I love to make/design web sites and create graphics as well as coloring! I have a associates in degree in Multimedia and Web Design from The Art Institute of Charlotte. I’m also an aunt, short (5ft 3/4′ lol), i’m greek and loud lol So that’s a little info about me.

The reason why I love Dan is because he’s very talented and not to mention beautiful, gorgeous and sexy! He’s so very kind and so sweet as I had seen him in person (When I went to see him in his first play, Equus and he was amazing). I love all of his movies especially Harry Potter, and that’s when I first saw him in The Sorcerer’s Stone and I love Harry Potter so much. If it weren’t for J.K Rowling for coming up with Harry Potter, I wouldn’t be a fan of Dan today! He’s just the best and I love him dearly. He holds a special place in my heart.