Daniel Radcliffe Folder Icons

A while back we use to make Chrome themes for Google Chrome, but since those are out the door. I decided to make these for your computer for both mac and pc. These icons can be used to replace the default icon of your folders. I made most of Dan’s filmography from his movies, stage productions to his television shows and appearances so you can use these icons for your personal pictures collection, video collection or whatever else you want to use them for. If you have no idea what I am talking about you can view this video here for PC. All files are in ico format. There is 30 Folder Icons included in the download. Please credit us if you place these elsewhere. These took 2 days to make, so do not claim them as your own.


[wpfilebase tag=file id=10 tpl=download-button /]

All 33 icons have been uploaded so the additional ones have been added to this download

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