Here are photos of Daniel, Lorenzo and Richard Griffith’s Signature’s on Bearequus.

bearquus04 bearquus02 bearquus03

The How to Succeed Bear with Equus Bear and the back of Finchy

bearquus05 finchy01back

Daniel, Darren’s and Nick’s Signature


She once told me that Daniel would be the only one that she would do that for to bid on a charity and pay that much. And I told her the exact same thing that everything I put into SDR and DRN is because of him. During his Woman in Black Promo Run, I never been so tired from the lack of sleep which explains why I missed the first part of the Kelly Ripa Show where he co-hosted and The Talk, but thank god for repeats on that one. He’s touched us in a way no celebrity ever has and I think Vicki would agree on that. We both mentioned once that Daniel has a heart that just calls to you. We love his kind and caring heart and hope he never changes. He’s mentioned, I believe once that he doesn’t feel he’s done anything special during the Trevor Hero Award that he received, but all the hearts and people’s he’s touched have really changed us.

Vicki was kind enough this year after her successful win to give me a birthday present and although she doesn’t think she really made a difference she has. She gave me the best birthday present I got this year on my 37th birthday: Bullett Magazine, two Harry Potter bookmarks and a Harry Potter Musical Birthday Card. From Vicki’s perspective on Daniel, I have seen a lot more than an average fan would see. How Daniel can touch the soul of a person and really make you proud to be a fan of his. Below are some of the pictures she kindly shared with me and I am sharing them with you. I thought they were very cute and she was kind enough to share them with me and the visitors of SDR.

On the Alan doll to the right, Daniel signed the chest of the doll. “To Vicki, from Dan.”