A Special Gift from a Special Friend

In May 2011, I became a member of the most prestiguous Daniel Radcliffe forum, GRA after getting a reply from a member there, Carole. I signed up and was welcomed to the forum. So many of the board members there gave me a warm welcome and I had no idea they even knew of me. A lot of their replies made me smile in a way that warmed my heart. They truly are the best Dan Rad family I will ever have. Over time, one member there became very close to me, Frenchi. She’s my friend and for everything we have shared this past year she has really taken the time to listen even in my most depressing days. She always told me never give up hope or your dream and that really helped me in a way she will never know.

She shared with me that she had met Daniel Radcliffe as many of the members there had and I told her I only wished I could meet him myself. We talked about him daily from that time on, when she shared with me that she was going to meet him from a charity she won. I was happy for her. There were delays in her meeting because Dan is a very busy man, but she told me she would get him to sign a playbill for me. I was happy that she was gonna do something like that for me, no one has ever did anything like that for me before. When there was slim chances that this was gonna happen I told her that it was fine. I was kinda down on that, but it was fine. Before her trip, I wanted to put together a present for her for her birthday before she went to meet Dan. She loved it and I was so very happy to do it for her.

When she got everything settled and was on her way to see him. I was happy as I couldn’t wait to hear the details of her meeting with Dan. At that time I had won a contest from How to Succeed for the facebook fan night thing, only thing is they didn’t pay for air fare which I really wanted to go but couldn’t because of financial difficulties. So I surpassed my chance to go and cried that day. When Vicki came back she shared her experience with us and I was so happy to hear each word. She also wrote me a pm which she told me she got a playbill signed personally for me by 5 stars of How to Succeed: Dan, Chris, Rob, John and Rose. I was in shock.

She told me what Dan said as he signed it.

When Dan came around to me to sign he quickly grabbed it and made a line to start his name. I quickly stopped him and asked him to sign the Playbill personally to Marcie and spelt your name out for you. “Absolutely, no problem.” he said kindly and just as he was writing out your name he said, “That’s my Mom’s name too.” Our friend Louise took a picture of Dan saying that to me with Carol’s camera signing your Playbill although the Playbill is hidden in the picture you can see the back of my hairy head and Dan talking to me as he signed your Playbill.

After a while I didn’t hear from her or anything about the playbill she had for me. So I went on wondering and went to work promoting the Woman in Black. My website SDR gained so much popularity that I was so happy cause I was doing everything I could to make the site very special for fans of Dan. When they had the Fan of the Week contest for The Woman in Black facebook page I entered my best graphic and I won. I was so happy to win cause I put so much time and effort into promoting the movie the best I could. And that is when I heard from Vicki that told me about the delay about sending my signed playbill. I understood cause she is a busy woman so she then told me she wanted to give it to me for Christmas. I told her it was more than fine.

I received it on December 21st. Quite a funny thing about that cause I had a dream I received it and I looked out my door, but there was nothing. A few minutes later the Fed Ex guy comes and drops off the box. The wrapping was quite a hassle to get off and my 4 year old had fun with the bubble wrap running up and down the house on it which you can view down below. But when I saw what she put together I was speechless. It brought a smile to my face. I will never be able to thank her in person, but thank you Vicki for making me the happiest girl in the world and expressing your kindness. You will always have a special place in my heart and I will forever be in debt to you for doing what you didn’t have to do. And also thank you for your special christmas card, I love the pic of you, Carole and Dan together. Thank you to my friends at GRA, Frenchi, Carole and everyone else that has made me feel part of a special family I will truly treasure forever.

I hung the frame where I work every day on simplydanielradcliffe.com