Amy on Katie Couric

Amy Duelly, she’s one of the best people I know. We became friends about 2 years ago during How to Succeed and since then we have been keeping in touch. Her mother and father: Bill and Rose have just been a blessing in my life. I think what I can safely say is they are the people that saved me in more ways than one person can. When I needed someone they were there and I usually don’t know how I affect people until that day in October when things went down hill for me. I saw that day just how much people do care not just for what I do, but for me. When I do anything on a fansite, its just work to me. But the appreciation from fans and the like is what makes it all worth it. People don’t see what I deal with everyday and what I have to put up with. So I thought ending my life no one would care. All they would care about is no one maintaining the site and bringing them the content. Cause really who cares about the person that does the work as long as they get what they want. I’m not looking for glory or anything of the sort. But the day I received that phone call then flowers and chocolates the next day meant a lot to me. The Duelly family doesn’t realize how much I appreciated what they did.

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So when Amy’s father asked me a favor, I told him yes I would help with his request. I always felt I owed them so if I could help in anyway I was gonna do what I could. That day the Katie Couric show tickets became available thanks to my friends at GRA for the link. I passed it on and it so happens Amy got a ticket. I was so happy she got one. The day it was recorded she told me something. Something I didn’t expect.


“Marcie thank you so much for telling me about the tickets one of the ladies who worked there asked if I had a special talent and I said I had a poem for him the thank you poem and during the break of one of the segment the lady handed me the mic Dan was standing right there and I said the poem by memory to his face he at some points looked like he was going to cry and giggled when I said this is bizarre and came up and hugged me and held my hand in such a way I will not forget thank you thank thank you.”

Amy told me thank you, but I never felt I’ve earned it. I’m glad she got her hug from Dan. She deserved it for being the person she is and I appreciate her every day as well as her family.

Her poem to Dan:

BY Amy Duelly

The first day you came into my life was one of the best. You where making movie history and I am happy enough to say that I watched you grow up and was watching you shine more and more each day and was by your side every step of the way. I LOVE YOU! But not just because of the character you played, but because of the sweet, down to earth person that you are. I know that you might be thinking that this is bizarre and i know that you really don’t know who I am, But I really have to say that thanks to you I am the person that I am today and in my heart you will forever stay.