Daniel Radcliffe is Inspiration!

Daniel Radcliffe, is so much more than an actor. He’s inspirational. Speaks his mind on any subject, and he doesn’t withhold his feelings. In the course of my life, I never found an individual so inspiring. Daniel Radcliffe is what I have been searching for he’s the inspiration for my children and for me as well. My son has taken it upon himself to perform Brotherhood of Man in his talent show. Through his eyes, I have the up most respect for him and Daniel Radcliffe.

My three year old, who is currently taking speech therapy for her language impairment has begun speaking words like “man”, or “die” and her latest “been a long day” from the cast recording of How to Succeed in Business without really trying and she’s picking up more words daily. They taken to theatre like it was a part of their daily routine, but moreover to bring this to them is my dream. We are an extremely low income family, but we could never go to New York to see the play. It is my deepest regret that I could not provide this for them.

As a 36 year old mother of three, I always valued my children. Even when they don’t seem to realize the struggle I go through monthly to provide or get what they need, puts a strain on me; with hypertension, diabetes and hyperthyroidism. I hope to see them grow into strong, achieved individuals who their children could look up to.

To give the inspiration Daniel Radcliffe has given us, in our family is a blessing. He’s a real hero in my eyes!

Whether its inspiration to give you the courage to perform on stage, the power to speak or the creation of a masterpiece which explains my latest graphic creations. We thank Daniel Radcliffe for giving us the inspiration and so much more. Thank you, Daniel without you in the world my daughter would have never began speaking the way she has.


Written by: Marcie Lucas

Photographs of my children Jack, Lara and Leita Lucas