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Graham Norton
December 2012

Everything that lead to this people don’t know the true story. So I am here to tell you what exactly happened and how this came to be.

On December 2, 2012. I got a message via email. I was tired after working on SDR and as usual had stood up all night. I got blank email from a person named Alan. Curious I emailed him back asking if he had sent me something since it was obviously blank. He wrote back and wrote the following:

Daniel is appearing on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 on Friday 7th Dec (recorded on the 5th).

Graham might be talking to him about his fan base and we were hoping to potentially show your website – to him during the record?

I wrote back to Alan telling him he could use anything he wanted from SDR. He thanked me and told me he would let me know if he needed anything else.

After this it dawned on me. I thought “Oh no, what have I just done.” I knew that he was reading things I wrote at the Fan Fiction site otherwise he would have contacted me directly. I prayed my writing would not be shown on tv. Cause I didnt know what they were gonna use.

On December 5 the recording was done and I had no idea if they had used anything or not. Two days passed and I got this:

Daniel had a great time on the show and we loved looking at your Fan Fiction site. Graham and the guests tried to write a summary for a new one during the show to submit to your website and we have been struggling (technically) to submit it.

I would be most grateful if you could add the below story to the rest of the fan fiction submissions on your site. Would that be possible?

Thanks again for letting us look at your brilliant site. Very much appreciated.

Since the appearing of our site on the Graham Norton Show the site crashed that day because of too much traffic. I had to get my webhost to release the site to me so I could access it. After they did I fixed a portion of it and it was re-released to the public. The Stories mentioned on the show were: Cabin Fever, Distant Hearts and The Last Dance were the ones that I wrote. Solo was written by Emily. We did do a thank you video for Dan which you can view down below.

This is a thank you video we made back in 2013, a couple of us wanted to express our thanks to the man that gave us something special. When our site was featured on Graham Norton, his kind words about our works however funny or insane it might have been for others. It was for the entertainment of fans. People who love reading fan fiction it was never meant to be put on television. Though writing has always been my passion. I never once thought it was any good. When using Dan as a character in the stories you’ve read it was never really about him. And in saying that it was like me on the outside looking in, making people become the character and not the other way around. It’s difficult to explain. But I’m not the normal type just a little bit eccentric. Someone who thinks differently than others. Call me weird but that is me and that is my writing.

Comedy Central

This one was sort of unexpected, I was never contacted about this. Dane DeHaan was promoting Life after Beth and he announced on his facebook page that he was gonna be on something called Midnight.

Dane and Audrey did fan fiction role play which I wrote. It’s called Kidnapped – “The story is about Daniel Radcliffe who kidnaps two of his most dedicated fans (Amber and Michelle). Which he begins to fall in love with. When Daniel does a favor for his friend – Dane DeHaan. Dane falls in love with Michelle and takes her for his own. Their nights together lead to her getting confused and finding out later she is pregnant with his baby or is she?”

From Chapter 2
“Cause I like you and I would like to be your boyfriend.” Dane was sincere he pulled her up.
“Really?” Michelle thought he was adorable.
“Really Michelle. I’d like to take you out to dinner. Get to know you a little more then when we are ready we’ll sleep together.” Dane hugged her.
“Dane, I’m an active girl. I need sex like you need air to breathe. I don’t know how long I could wait.” She rested her hand against his inner thigh.
‘Your not a virgin are you?” Michelle touched him.
“No course not.” He smiled.