Marcie and Amy

Today was a very good day. I got to meet Amy Duelly, the nicest, most amazing person I have ever had the chance to meet. We’ve been communicating for two years since we had met on the How to Succeed without Really Trying Facebook page. And it was so very nice to meet one of the members of SDR. I couldn’t describe how it was to finally see her face to face it was almost like welcoming a sister home. In the past two years I have felt so lucky to communicate with Dan’s fans and out of some of them I had made some really good friends and everyone has been just unbelievably sweet and caring about me and how I am. But meeting Amy today was an amazing feeling, we’ve shared several things in the past and had fun talking to each other. And she has always been so sweet, especially helping me with the Daniel Radcliffe Birthday project we worked so hard on. When I mentioned her during the video, and you got to see her picture in the One Day of the Life of Daniel Radcliffe. I wanted to share that because she was one of the very special people in my life. And I will never forget her, not ever.

Oh and Amy when you see this, thank you for the How to Succeed Dan poster. I didn’t have it. And thank you too for the little tokens from New York. We will cherish it always. Thank you, and I look forward to catching you online. 🙂