Seeing Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan


Universal Studios Hollywood

So here’s what happened yesterday, October 3, 2013. We got there about noon, we had to find the location and see how everything was gonna go so we could know where to stand and so forth. I knew it was at 4:30 and what the Universal website had on it was the Globe Theater, but it wasn’t the case it was shot in front where they had a small booth like place with guard rails around it. Having not ate since we left home, we went to get something to eat at Johnny Rocket’s on City Walk. We ordered our food cause my husband went with me seeing as I really didn’t want to go alone. After eating we went back to the Extra location and my husband friendly as he is asked for info. What he found out was that Dan was only gonna be there for ten minutes or so. He pretty much thought it was a wasted trip, but for me no I was gonna stay no matter what. I had a good spot in the front, but being diabetic well stuff gets to you and well nature called. So I had to leave my spot. When I came back it was taken unfortunately. So I took a spot behind the paparazzi barricade. I found a bench and a tree where it had a raised barrier so i took my place between the two.

Hearing people talk on the phone as things got closer, I heard a lady mention the name Dane, once she was off the phone I asked. “Dane DeHaan?” She said, “Yes” Seemed the driver needed directions to get to Universal not sure if it was traffic or what not but Dane arrived earlier than Dan did. I didn’t even know Dane was gonna be there so hearing his name was a bit of a shock.

Dan and Dane’s cars

When it came closer to the final minutes I didn’t see Dane in the car till he got out and it was like. “I’m here, Dane and you don’t even know it.” It made me appreciate him more just seeing him in person even if I wasn’t close. Dan arrived about 5 or so minutes later and when he came everyone screamed. I could see him in the car with all his entourage. I noticed Sam and Scott right away.

Rich – Dan’s bodyguard

They started pretty fast and I couldn’t hear what was said so I had to resort to reading lips. Hearing Dane laugh put a smile on my face as he said Harry Osbourne, there was one point when he was looking my way and it was like. “Please tell me he doesn’t recognize me.” I don’t even know if he knows what I look like. But I thought no, he couldn’t possibly or could he?

With Dan I just watched him move and talk he looked like his chipper self so vibrant and full of energy. It was the happiest moment in my life, as things came to a close Dan and Dane did autographs. They left pretty quickly when they got into their cars and drove off. But the memories of what I had that day remind me of all the work I put into and The days I don’t eat or sleep and the days where I finally knock out of exhaustion. So many times I get appreciation from Dan and Dane’s fans and I really don’t see anything that I do, that they are thankful for. I sometimes feel I haven’t earned it.


Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe