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Ever since the start of the Graham Norton fan fiction posted on our site, it has caused a lot of people to start writing. When we started out, the writings were not in any way referring to the real Dan Radcliffe, but a figment of dreams or situations we created. Some have been saying that they would like to read more on what Graham started so if anyone is interested. We’re gonna give you a chance to add to it whoever is interested. Someone unknown has made a cover for the story already. I removed it, cause it was in the comments and thought I would make it visible to everyone. Credit for the image that was created goes to the penname: Mom.

If interested write a one paragraph intro and if chosen, I will send you info that you will need to know. You can contact me at:

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  1. Daniel you are an inspiration to everyone. I love you so much and you are all over my wall. Even though I realize that is creepy. If I met you I would full on faint! Love. You!

  2. That was my first draft of the Olymic World story. I have more to add and some corrections to make. I hope I get the chance to put it in the actual story and I just want to throw in that I’m not affiliated in any way to the Harry Potter books or movies. I alluded to them for humor purposes and credit all of the idea to J.K Rowling for writing the books and the directors, screen writers, and anyone else affiliated with the movies.

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