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Skin Change

Project 0471 by magical1

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Chapter notes: Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Nina Dobrev and Dane DeHaan

It was dark, the body laid on the table. His eyes opened and he was naked. Daniel stumbled he couldn't figure out why he couldn't walk correctly. He grabbed the sheet closer to his body as his eyes adjusted, the first thing he saw was a picture of a girl. He didn't know who she was but she was pretty and kinda geeky. The black wire rimmed glasses made him smile. He seen clothes and put them on a hoodie, jeans and a jacket along with shoes and socks. Putting it all on made him feel better. After he dressed he went out of the room. He seen a party happening and he took a cigarette from his pocket and began to smoke it. Searching the crowd, he locked eyes with the girl from the picture.

Staring with those cold blue eyes whether he was looking at me, I just couldn't tell. He was mysterious like he didn't want to be known but he glanced my way and my eyes connected with his. I didn't say anything when he watched me, everytime I looked all I could do was stare away. This man had the power to attract you, but at the same time keep his distance. I didn't know who he was. But he was intriguing and far better looking than any boyfriend I ever had. As he dropped the cigarette, he licked his lips. I grabbed onto the rail hoping my knees wouldn't fail. Why did this man attract me, I often asked myself was he really looking at me or someone in the crowd.

Those eyes stared so deeply into my soul then i seen who he was. I ran to him and got his hand. "You can't be here. Come on."

"Why do I feel so cold?" He was shaking.

"We'll get you warm." I ran to my dorm room at Sigma Gamma Delta not knowing where else to hide him.

"I know you. Who are you?" He said shaking holding me closer for warmth.

"Call me Deandra, your my science project: Project 0471." She opened the door when she got to the dorm room and let him in.

"I have a name I think Daniel something." He couldn't quite remember.

"Yes Daniel, that's your name what it said from the report. Look I didn't think this was gonna work I gotta call Dane." Deandra got her cell.

He laid on the bed and he looked at her. She walked with a sexy wiggle in her hips and he smiled. His vision changed and he saw her completely naked. At first he thought he was dreaming it was erotic. But then when he looked deeper he could see everything from her skeletal structure to her heart beating he screamed.

"What happened?" She ran to him.

"Something's wrong with my eyes." He closed them.

"Just relax. You have a kinda x-ray vision. If you relax we can get them back to normal." Deandra held him and the phone rang.

"Dane, he woke up. I'm in my dorm room can you come asap." Deandra said.

"Yeah be there in ten." Dane was shocked he didn't expect the experiment to work.

Deandra got him to relax. "Why do I have the power like Superman?"

"Dane and I will explain everything to you. Just relax the answers will come." She got his hand.

"Let's go meet Dane we will take you somewhere safe." She grabbed a bag and a few other things.

He got up and followed her. Everything around him was like he was looking at it for the first time. When a car pulled up, she and Dan ran to it.

"Holy Shit, Deandra. He's alive?" Dane said.

"Yes and he remembers his name. Take us to your summer house. He needs to be under control before something major happens." Deandra got in the car with Dan and Dane drove.

"What can you remember?" Dane asked him.

"Nothing but waking up and seeing a picture of her." Daniel grabbed her hand.

"Why do I feel so close to you?" Daniel asked.

"We've spent a lot of time together. I sang to you and read to you. I don't know if you remember but I chose you." She held him.

"Your in love with your project?" Dane looked at her weird.

"Dane we did this together. I never did something like this. Yes I like him I have since I saw him laying there." Deandra felt his chest.

"Incredible Deandra." Dane continued driving.

"You okay?" She asked.

"Fine." Dan said sitting there.

She kissed his cheek and Dane seen her. "Your mine and I am gonna take care of you."

He laid against her and with her he felt safe and relaxed. Daniel closed his eyes and fell asleep, he didn't know who he was but he was glad to be safe and with her.
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