Gallery Form

We are a contributing gallery now that means if you don’t contribute you don’t get in. The form located down below will allow your information to be sent to us for gallery registration. You will not be added until everything is confirmed. If you submitted a donation wait for the confirmation that your donation was accepted. If you do not hear from us within 3 days please contact us.

For paypal donations go here. For photo contributions upload content via dropbox or sendspace and add the url to the form below where you enter your username and password info. Photo Contributions can be scans, your personal fan photos, graphics, icons, etc. Graphics and Icons must be made by you if not it will not be accepted.

This is how to make a successful registration click here: View here Got it? Now proceed.

What can you donate?

Fan Photos you took with Dan
Photos or videos from fan conventions
Event pics that are missing
Screen captures of projects we don’t have
Magazine scans about Dan
Photoshoots we haven’t traced yet
FanArt: drawings, wallpaper, icons, ect.

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